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Mario Lopez Curly Mullet

Mario Lopez stopped by to visit Ellen on Thursday, February 26th.  Mario is currently the Host of Extra and America's Best Dance Crew.

(Mario Lopez - Academy Awards - 81st Annual Academy Awards Arrivals - 02-22-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen introduced Mario as "one of Hollywood's hardest working guys" and mentioned he is "adorable."  It was obvious the two have a friendship and love to play.  Mario came springing out onto the stage wearing a great looking dark suit with a light colored shirt which was open at the color.

Ellen said "hi." and Mario said "how are you"  Ellen said "I'm good, how are you?"  "I'm great?" Mario said "I love seeing you."  Ellen said "I love seeing you too. You are just something else, aren't you?

Ellen Makes Mario Lopez All Fidgety

Mario said "seeeee you always make me feel all fidgety all the time whenever I'm here, I don't know why?"  Ellen said "oh." Mario said "Great audience and you being all sassy with me."  The audience applauded wildly.

Ellen said "now, you look fantastic.  You look great and I guess you were trying.  You were saying, because the last time you were here I was trying to get you to take your shirt off. And you said. Ummm."

Mario exclaimed "and we said, we agreed we would move past that. Remember?" Ellen "you said you were past that and you don't take your shirt off anymore. Right?"  Mario said 'it wasn't that, its more for photo shoots and what have you because when People Magazine did that thing on me they went a little (overboard)...."

Mario Lopez In Teeny Tiny Blue Shorts

Ellen said "I don't know why you wouldn't keep your shirt off constantly when you look like that."  Ellen showed Mario in a teeny tiny pair of blue shorts. She showed three images of him in a row, one with him holding a beach ball over his head and two others on the beach.

Mario said "oh my gosh.  OK, Ellen, wait a minute.  First of all those are not my blue shorts.  Those are 1982 Dolphin looking blue shorts.  Let me explain those are not my blue shorts.  It was a scene from Nip/Tuck I'm shooting."

Mario Lopez Shooting Nip/Tuck

Ellen said "you're shooting Nip/Tuck again?"  Mario said "yes, I'm shooting Nip/Tuck again."  He continued "I'm actually a doctor (on Nip/Tuck), I don't know how you can take me seriously in those blue shorts?"  Mario protested "I was not posing.  That was like a paparazzi shot or something."

Ellen was incredulous "you're weren't posing? You're just hanging out right there?"  Mario laughing "no, I was not posing.  I was preparing for my scene.  I was like in hyper method mode right there."  He was laughing. Ellen chided him "Mario, Mario, that's stunning, that's that's beautiful, that is incredible.  Wow!"

Mario seemed embarrassed "yeah....oh my gosh.  So yeah, that's Nip/Tuck, please watch."

Ellen said "so you're done with that (Nip/Tuck) now?"

Mario's Crazy Schedule Oscars To Extra To Nip/Tuck & HBO

Mario seemed relieved "Yes.  It's been a crazy week. This Sunday it started off with The Oscars which is so much fun, and then my day at Extra which I did all week, and um, shot Nip Tuck all night Monday back to Extra on Tuesday, shot America's Best Dance crew the next night and here to see you which I'm very excited about, jumping on a plane and going to Texas cause I also do color commentary for HBO with HBO boxing alongside my friend Oscar De LaHoya.  Kinda all over the place doing a bunch of different stuff."

He stopped "that's just this week."  Ellen parrotted "yes, that's just this week."  Mario said "that's just this week."

Saved By The Bell - Mario's Mullet Hairstyle

Ellen changed the topic.  She said to Mario, "it's the 20th Anniversary of Saved By The Bell (the TV show Mario was on).  Does that seem like 20 years?"

Mario said "oh my gosh. You know It's funny" Ellen then displayed a photo of Mario from Saved By The Day." He said "because no, it doesn't seem, oh no, my god."  Then Mario saw his photo on the screen from years ago and exclaimed "Ellen, you always seem to find the fleshiest pictures of me.  Oh my god.  Twenty years. Oh gosh."

While still glancing at his photo from Saved By The Bell Mario said to Ellen "and then I was done with The Mullet (the mullet hairstyle) and then you bring back the Mullet look right there.  Wow and a curly mullet at that."

He continued "it does not seem like 20 years, but when little kids, little kids come up to me and still recognize me from it, I guess I get a little flattered because I haven't aged that poorly because if they still recognize me for it."

Mario's Mom Is Ellen's #1 Fan

Ellen said "I think you look better.  I mean, if that's possible?" You just keep getting better.  Mario said "Oh thank you." The comedian said "your mom's came in today".  Mario was excited "my mom's here. Yes....Ellen there she is. Pretty momma."

Then he told a story "Ok I have to tell you Ellen, this is funny, she (my mom) seriously, and I now you have a lot of die hard fans,  is your #1.  'I'm going to tell you why, because she was in Texas with my sister and her three little kids, my sister's had a little girl and my mom's supposed to be there helping her out. And she (my mom) always gets mad at me and said 'Mario you never tell me when you're going to be on Ellen' and "I said Momma I'm giving you a head's up, I'm going to be on Ellen so she bails on my sister, gets on a plane comes here. Just so she could be here at the show with us."

The funnylady said "oh wow. thank you, thank you."  Mario said "So she's hard core." Ellen said "you had mentioned that to me last time.  Thank you very much, I'm flattered." The actor explained "that's the reason I'm wearing a suit.  My mom said, "don't look like a homeless person when you're with Ellen."

Ellen said to Mario's momma. "You've gotta be really proud of him.  He's doing a great job." Mario's mom said "very proud".

Ellen told Mario's mom "he's a good guy.  And handsome.  And look at his body."

Who Will Win Best Dance Crew?

The hostess asked Mario "real quick, because people are wanting to know.  Who do you think will win America's Best Dance Crew?"    He said "for the first time ever in the finals we've got two female groups and one male group.  And I think it's the year of the women. I think one of the female groups prevail. They're hot, literally and figuratively and in every way, they get down. So I'm leaning towards the ladies."

Ellen said "exciting."  Mario said "It's very exciting.  Ellen and Mario then played Pictionary together.

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