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Eva Longoria Cheats At Board Games

Mario Lopez was on the Ellen Degeneres show on Thursday, February 26th and after Ellen interviewed Mario and gave Mario's mom a big hug, during the break, the two played Pictionary together.

(Image of LR - Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez - - All Rights Reserved).

If you watch Ellen you know she loves to play all sorts of games and Pictionary is one that she likes to play with her celebrity guests.  She told Mario not to play Pictionary with David Arquette because "he'll knock your easel off" and he'll "mess up your floor."

Ellen asked "now you play pictionary at home a lot."  Right?"

Mario replied "yes I'm (I was just telling Ellen) such a nerd because I have board games nights all the time and I have a competition with my friend Eva Longoria."

Mario gleefully announced "she's the biggest cheater, just so you know, don't ever play board games with her.  She's (Eva) a big cheater and she hates to lose to me."

Mario and Eva are close friends and were most recently spotted in Las Vegas at their mutual friend's open house.  Celebrity Hair Dresser Ken Paves opened a new salon in Las Vegas and Eva was on hand to help him celebrate.

Ellen asked Mario "are you good (at Pictionary)?  Mario laughed and said "Yes.  I am the worst drawer ever. But yes, I'm excellent."

Ellen "its a fun game and so fun to play" and she confessed she is also not great at drawing.  Ellen and Mario's topic was "things seen at a gymn."

Mario said he would invite Ellen over to play at one of his board nights.

What the Mario didn't know was that part of the reason he was playing Pictionary was so Ellen could sneak in one of her mystery words, which conveniently was "dumbell".  Even though Ellen ran out of time on her buzzer she told her producers she got one more drawing.  She drew a phot of a dumbell, Mario said the word and the audience won some gifts.

The mystery word was dumbell.  Ellen told her audience to watch Mario on Extra, Nip n Tuck and America Best Dance Crew.

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