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2009 Spirit Awards Ellen Page And Jason Bateman

The always cute and laid back Ellen Page was the co-presenter with former co-star, Jason Bateman (Mark Loring in Juno) for the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards category of Best Female Lead.

Ellen wore a simple but classy black knee-length knit dress with 3/4 length sleeves.  Her long brunette hair was worn sleek and straight with a side-swept fringe

(Image of Ellen Page - 2009 Independent Spirit Awards - All Rights Reserved).

Jason told the audience Ellen won Best Female Lead last year for her amazing role as Juno MacGuff in Juno.

He continued by saying Ellen was named as "one of the most promising actresses of her generation.:  Then he asked Ellen, why isn't your name up there with the other nominees?"  She shrugged and he said "have you quite acting?"

Ellen answered Jason "no I haven't."  Then Jason teased her, "have you gone back into porno?"  She told him no.

He said, well what about the film she did - Hard Candy?"  She dismissed his question by saying "not a porno".  Then he continued to ask about various films she did including X Man.

He said "what about the film you just finished - Whippit?"  Ellen said no, it was a legitimate film.  She then teased him back about not returning "my calls."   Jason and Ellen discussed doing a sequel to Juno as long as it wasn't called "Why Juno Doesn't Swallow Any More."

After Jason stopped giving Ellen a hard time, all in good fun, they announced the nominees for the 2009 Best Female Lead with clips being shown of each performance.  The nominees were Summer Bishil in Towelhead, Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married, Melissa Leo in Frozen River, Tarra Riggs in Balast and Michelle Williams in Wendy and Lucy.

The Spirit award for Best Female Lead went to Melissa Leo for Frozen River.  She whooped when she got to the stage and accepted her statue.  She gave a very moving speech and was thrilled with her win.

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