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2009 Oscar Best Supporting Actress Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz looked shocked and near tears as she glided upto the stage.  She hugged all of the five presenters, which was a suprising collection of previous Supporting Oscar winners including Whoopie Goldberg, Goldie Hawn, Tilda Swinton before accepting the Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress.

Penelope Cruz on the 2009 Oscar Red Carpet wearing vintage Pierre Balmain.

Penelope "said this is not going to be 45 seconds, I can't say that right now," referring to the short amount of time each winner is allowed to give a thank you speech.

She asked "has anyone ever fainted here? Because I might be the first one."

Composing herself Penelope, who was wearing a gorgeous strapless full skirted Vintage gown embellished with crystals and stones, said "thank you so much to the Academy. I want to share this with my fellow nominees and with the amazing ensemble of actors that I had the privilege to work with on this movie."

The Vicky Cristina Barcelona actress said "thank you Woody for trusting me with this beautiful character.  Thank you for haven't written all these years some of the greatest characters for women. And I can not talk about great female characters without thanking my friend Pedro Almodevar for having made me part of so many of his adventures." The audience applauded.

She also said thank you to those who gave her her first movie.  She also said "thank you Harvey Weinstein."

The stunning actress said "I want to dedicate this to my parents and to my brother and sister to my to my friend Robert Carlo who is not with us anymore.  And to everyone who has helped me from the beginning and you all know who you are and I thank you from my heart."

She said "I grew up in a place called where this was not a very realistic dream.  And I always, the night of the Academy Awards, I stay up to watch the show.  I always felt this ceremony was a moment of unity for the world because art in any form is and has been and will always be our Universal language and we should do everything we can, everything we can to protect its survival."

Wrapping up she said "so I thank you so much."  I have to say something in Spanish. And then in Spanish, she thanked the people of Spain, saying she shared the award with her native country. She ended with "thank you so much."

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