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Victoria Beckham's 150K Birkin Bag

The Birkin Bag from Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved.

Victoria Beckham is one of a handful of fashionistas who owns The Diamond Birkin hand bag which starts at $150,000.

Victoria loves these handbags so much she is known to have the largest collection of Birkin handbags in the world.

Besides her Diamond Birkin she also has several others ranging from $1,000 or more.

She was recently photographed carrying a Birkin designed by Jean Paul Gaultier which is a smaller version of her Diamond Birkin.  The Berkin Bag was first introduced in 1984 and has been hugely popular.

Although I have written about Victoria's hair and her hairstyles, if I ever met the famous Posh I would ask to see her Birkin, not her highlights.

The "Birkin" handbag is hand made by a single artisan who toils in the Hermès workroom in France.  The reason the

I wonder which bag Posh is carrying for this outfit. - - All Rights Reserved. I wonder what bag Posh chose to carry for this outfit. - - All Rights Reserved.

"Birkin" is so special is because the bag is 100% hand made and is made by one artisan, not a series of artisans.

Because it can take many hours to hand make an individual Birkin, only a handful are completed every week.  Which explains the fact there is an approximately five year waiting list for the Birkin.

Who owns the Birkin?  Besides Victoria "Posh" Beckham, her BFF Katie Holmes owns one.  So does Kate Moss, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, Gwenyth Paltrow, Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen who carries hers when she wears cut off jeans. Lindsay Lohan made the news when her Birkin was stolen in Paris.  Many other celebrities are huge fans of this bag.

The "Birkin" was featured on an episode of Sex And The City.  In the episode Samantha saw a Birkin she wanted but was horrified when she heard about the five year waiting list.

The ballsy Samantha decided to jump the list by claiming the bag was for her PR client, Lucy Liu.  Unfortunately after getting the bag, which she had to pay for out of her own pocket, the bag was actually delivered to Lucy Liu who was appalled at Sam's actions on her behalf.

Yes, you guessed it, Lucy kept the bag and Samantha was left Birkin-less with the only option to go back to the back of the line.

What do you think?  Would you purchase a Birkin if you didn't have to wait to do so?

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