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Katy Perry At 2009 Grammy Awards Has Lock Of Miley Cyrus Hair

When Ryan Seacrest spotted Katy Perry making her way towards him on the 2009 Grammy Awards Red Carpet he told the E! Live At The Red Carpet audience that Katy Perry had "no personality" and "no sense of humor" which was kinda of an odd introduction to the "I Kissed A Girl" star.

(Image of Katy Perry at 2009 Grammy Awards - Red Carpet - - All Rights Reserved).

When Katy came up to Ryan he said to Katy "you take yourself too seriously".

When asked if she was nervous Katy told Ryan "she was perspiring from every gland" in her body.

She also teased Ryan about the fact she was stopping to talk to him at the beginning of the Red Carpet rather than the end and she had to be careful "not too smile too much" or she would have "smile lines" by the time she got to the Awards.  She said she would "look horrible" if she smiled too much .

Katy had her Raven black hair coiffed in a mid-ear length (short to medium in length) fingerwave hairstyle.  Her hair looked fabulous with every strand perfectly in place.

Katy was wearing a long blush pink gown with ruffles (from Lebanese designer Basil Soda) down the front which she told Ryan, when he asked was "Bubblegown pink" or "Pink Store Pink" whichever you want to call it.  It was very pretty with her black hair.  She was also carrying a ornate red heart shaped handbag.

(Image of Katy Perry at 2009 Grammy Awards - Red Carpet - - All Rights Reserved).

When talking about her gown she told Ryan she had "a previous dress ready to go tonight that might have ended up `worst dressed.' But it came in the mail, because I had it custom-made of course - because I didn't want anyone wearing that dress, ever - and it wasn't right. And it was the day before" the Grammy Awards.

The singer baited Ryan by saying "don't you want to ask me what is in my purse?"  Ryan hesitated a bit and then after prodding by Katy, Ryan said "Ok what's in your purse".  Katy opened the purse and pulled out a lock of hair with a bow at the end of it.

Katy explained it was "a lock of Miley Cyrus' hair".  Really?  Ryan seemed surprised by the bizarre item in her handbag.  Then Katy help up another lock of hair and said it was a lock of hair from "Taylor Swift".  Huh?

Ryan asked if she was kidding and whether or not it was really their hair?  Katy said it was.  Ryan said if he took either lock of hair he should take Tyler's hair "because she's older than Miley".

Ryan asked about the "gold" around Katy's eyes.  She confirmed that her eyes had gold around them.  Her makeup was spectacular.  In fact, Katy looked amazing in her gown, her shiny finger waved tresses and her makeup.

(Image of Katy Perry performing at the 2009 Grammy Awards - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

When asked who designed her pink fitted mermaid style gown Katy said it was a Lebanese designe (Basil Soda) and she had to "ship the gown back to Lebanon" tonight after she took it off.

Ryan asked Katy if she was going to perform at the awards and she said yes.  Ryan said Katy would be performing with a phallic symbol of sorts.  When Ryan asked for details Katy simply said it has "lots of potassium" and "everyone has one" whatever that means.

Katy actually performed while in a very large banana wearing a saucy fruit festive outfit.  She did not win the Grammy for her song.

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