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Battlestar Galactica Has No Happy Endings

Battlestar Galactica is heading towards its final episode which is set to air on March 20th.  For those fans wanting to enjoy every last moment, they better have a bottle of antidepressants on hand to get them through the increasingly desperate plotlines.  Or else some serious alcoholic refreshments.

Yes, the characters are well developed and there are constant twists and turns including the romance between Admiral Adama and President Laura Roslin as well as between crossed lovers Lee Adama and Tara Thrice.

From Bad To Disastrous

As the last episodes play out bad events turns to disastrous.  The hopes for redemption are all but lost.  As a long time fan of the show even week makes me more depressed by the events which unfold.  Did the writers really want the last season to go so terribly wrong?  Yeah, OK, it certainly is dramatic and griping.  I give them that.

The SciFI community loves the show and is already mourning its final end but the show is dark and agonizing.  Yes, the writing is incredible and the characters are fabulous, I am invested in so many of them.  But I can barely stand to see what their next set of traumas.

Planet Earth - The Burned Out Garbage Dump

After discovering that the long hoped for discovery of Planet Earth was a burnt out garbage dump of a location, the fleet has gone rapidly crazier by the minute.  How did the members of Battlestar Gallactica deal with the dashed dreams of Planet Earth?

How about a graphic demonstration of pure despair by Lee's lady love Dee who literally blows her brains out?  Lee and Kara are beyond shocked.   We also discover that Starbuck - Kara - is a Cylon.  Yes?  Is that possible.  Who the frack (BG speak for the F word) knows at this point.

So Many Unanswered Questions To Be Resolved

So many questions are unanswered.  Is Admiral Adama's son Lee a good guy or a bad guy?  will Kara and Lee get together now that Dee has killed herself?  Will anyone get out of there alive?  Will they want to?

Even more importantly, what happened to the food and drink shortages?  They all seem to be doing fine in that department.

End Approaches - Villains, Heroes, Heroines

As the end of BG approaches the villains are even more vile than imaginable.  The heroes and heroines are beaten down to a pulp.  They're sad, angry and being held hostage.  They have no where to turn.

Lots of loose ends are quickly becoming tied up.  Examples?  President Laura Roslin begins to lose faith in the Pythian prophecy and her role as the dying leader. Tom Zarek intends to weaken the Human-Cylon alliance. Galen Tyrol is told that he is not the father of Cally's son.  Bizarre, fascinating, sad, depressing but addictive.

Blood On The Scales Episode

Tonight's episode (2/6/09), Blood on the Scales, was no exception.  There was a mutiny and a trial of General Adama as a traitor.  Somehow Adama turns it all around and he and Presiden Roslin re-unite. Tom Zarek is shot by the firing squad as the true traitor.  He has been a pain in President Roslin and Adama's rear ends for as long as I can remember watching the series.

More To Come

Of course there is more to come between now and March 20th.  Although each episode leaves me feeling sad, depressed and shocked, of course I can't stop watching.  Afterall, I have been watching since the very first episode.

What's next?  Only time will tell but I'm sure every last minute will be a doozy.

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