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Long Lush Hair Of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was the co-hostess with Playboy lovelies Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra in Tampa, Florida over the weekend at Jackson's Bistro:  Leather And Laces in honor of the Superbowl.  The club, Jackson's Bistro, is known as Harbor Island's "high priced pick-up joint".

(Image of Kim Kardashian at 2009 Jackson's Bistro Leather And Laces Celebration - Tampa, Florida).

All three ladies looked incredible and were coiffed to perfection.

While Jenny McCarthy rocked a really cut high mid-back pony with a flirty base, Carmen wore her hair pulled off her forehead with long loose ringlets tumbling down around her face and across her shoulders.

Kim who attended the bash with her boyfriend also wore her rich chocolate brown tresses up and off her lovely face in the front with a small hair pouf also referred to as a hair bump.

Ironically the trio consisted of a blonde (Jenny) and a highlighted brunette (Carmen) and a milk chocolate brunette with dark lowlights (Kim).

The reality TV star and former Dancing With The Stars cutie had a similar lush cascade of waves with a hint of curls caressing the sides of her face and down her back.

Her hair along the hairline was pushed slightly up to create a very small hairline pouf and it appeared the section of hair pulled up and off her face was secured back near the apex of her head with either a tiny barrette or some bobby pins the same color of her silky tresses.

Whether she used a barrette, hair clip or bobbies, the hair bump hide whatever she used from view.

By wearing her hair up and off her face in the front Kim was able to draw attention to her beautiful almond shaped eyes which were flawlessly made up.

Kim wore a stunning strapless light caramel fitted dress which showed off all her very famous assets which she recently highlighted on Dancing With The Stars.

Although all three women are "attached" with Carmen currently engaged and Jenny and Kim in committed relationships with famous men, the party was a huge draw.

Kim's mother Kris was at the bash doing interviews with the different ladies.

One common thread that was discussed besides who would win the Superbowl?  Another lady with great hair - Jessica Simpson.  All three women voiced their support for Jessica and her recent "curve buzz".  Kim went so far as to say she looked really lovely.

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