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Nibipedia Fun For Your Brain Warning

I'll admit it.  I'm jaded by the Web.  What do you expect?  I've been surfing nonstop since almost the beginning back in the mid-1990s.  Yes I know I'm aging myself but with age comes wisdom.  Right?  And I have tons of wisdom when it comes to surfing the Web.  Afterall, I was included in some of the early nods toward Cybergurrls back in the day when the Web was just heating up.

UTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter.  Been there and done all of that.  I will confess my addiction to all things Wikipedia and Twitter continue to grow and thrive.  When I'm writing any hair, beauty of celebrity blog I always check with Wiki first.  They usually have the goods I need or at least get me pointed in the right directions.  I also browse UTube to see if there are related videos to consider.

Same is true with Twitter.  I search for related hair tweets. The only problems with Wikipedia, UTube and Twitter is that I tend to get sucked into the fun vortex and lose my other addictions to working and writing.  Ahhh, what a challenge to decide whether to surf in or try to avoid the temptations.

Just when I thought I had my goofing off contained to a few fun Web portals, I discovered Nibipedia via Twitter.  Of course it would be Twitter where I would find the fabulous fun portal called Nibipedia.  Have you been there?  If not, be prepared for a great experience and the possibility you may never want to leave.  Ever.

At least I have given you adequate warnings so you can have a Nibipedia intervention plan in place in case you become so addicted you refuse to stop to eat, watch Big Bang Theory either live or on Tivo and fall asleep sitting at your notebook or iPhone searching through the Nibipedia links.

I guess I feel a little bad telling all the Nibipedia virgins about my newfound Web portal gem.  Oh well, what's life if there are new challenges to overcome?  Meanwhile if you try to take my iPhone or notebook away from me while I'm happily Nibbing Away, be prepared for the consequence.  By the way, according to the Nipiedia site, my version of Nibbing Away if called "Nibi".  Except for me I would not be adding Nibs but viewing all the results.

What is Nibipedia you might ask?  It's the website that is dedicated to the adding of nibs or attaching Wikipedia articles to videos.  Although its in its infancy right now.  Expect it to blow the doors off Cyperspace in the very near future.

Before you go wild on Nibipedia I do have to tell you that only pre-approved educators in the Nibipedia Beta Group can add videos at this time.  But don't despair, it's only a matter of time before the Nibbettes (my name for the Nibipedia Powers) open it up to the rest of the world.

In care you're still wonder what's a Nib?  According to the Nipipedia site, a Nib is a noun and it's an image + article attached to a video.  Nibi is a verb and it's the act of actually attaching the nibs to videos.  A Nibstream is a stream of nibs inhabiting the space under Youtube videos.

This brilliant idea completely blows my mind.  The possibilities for Nibstreams give me chills.  I guess you could say that I have great potential as a Nibsit which is Nibipediaspeek for someone who gets smarter using Nibipedia.

How does hair, beauty, cosmetics and my related obsessions come into play with Nibipedia?  Lets just say the possibilities are hair raising and I get goosebumps thinking about it.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for me on Cyperspace and can't find me Tweeting, updating my LinkedIn or Facebook pages then I'm probably feeding my new Nibipedia addiction.

Wanna know more about Nibipedia?  Visit them on the Web at  If you want to know who the brilliant people are beyond this exciting new product click on the AboutUs button and you will get the scoop on the software gurus who are behind this innovation.

Note: Having grown up in the software world myself - shssssh, don't tell - I am not at all surprised that a software team came up with this great idea.  I just hope they send me some of their water to drink so I get some good ideas on how to use it in the future.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter ( where I have tons of funs and talk about, hair, beauty and other related Twitter topics.  And yes, I will be hanging on Nibipedia.  Look for me there.

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