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Raven Haired Beauty Kelly Osbourne Enters Rehab

I had just made myself a mental note before I went to bed last night to dig up photos of currently raven haired beauty Kelly Osbourne because she was recently photographed wearing stunning Tarina Tarantino hair accessories and earrings.

In fact, the gorgeous white hair bow from Tarina is one of my favorites and is currently available in the Marketplace.

A huge fan of Sharon and Kelly Osbourne I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of 24 year old daughter Kelly, who is looking incredibly svelte and gorgeous these days, with the pristine white Tarantino hair bow which perfectly contrasted her raven black shiny short hair.

Kelly also was wearing stunning Tarantino earrings.  She looked really pretty in my humble opinion.

I already knew Sharon and Kelly had fab taste - in my humble opinion - but Tarina has always been one of my fav designers and it was cool to see her designs in Kelly's hair.

Alas, before I could do the blog about Kelly and Tarina's hair bow, I opened up my notebook to the news via that Kelly had checked herself into rehab.

Doting Mom Sharon did not give a specific reasons why Kelly had checked herself in when she talked to, she only confirmed that Kelly had indeed checked herself in.

If you were a fan of the Osbournes Reality TV you may remember that Kelly had checked herself into rehab for drug related issues back in 2004.  Since that point Kelly has transformed into a bona fide actress and beautiful young woman.  Yes, she is quirky but that is just one major point of her charm.

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