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Clairol Perfect 10 Nice 'n Easy Hair Color Facts

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to chat on the phone with Celebrity Haircoloirst and Clairol Hair Director Jason Backe (full interview coming in a few days).  During our conversation Jason told me about Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Color which he said was an amazing product.

Imagine my surprise when after talking to the PR rep responsible for working with Clairol when I discovered Perfect 10 is actually part of the Nice and Easy Family of home hair color.  My very first trip into home haircolor was with a box of Clairol Nice and Easy.  Although I currently work with a professional haircolorist here in Dallas, I have fond memories of the Clairol Nice 'n Easy line.

I was not aware of the New Perfect 10 and asked for additional information.  I was very impressed with how quickly I received the details from the agency and now I understand why Jason had such great things to say about the line.

Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice 'n Easy is an advance, high performance permanent color crème with a sophisticated experience never before possible at home.  Perfect 10 delivers high speed, high gloss, permanent color in just ten minutes.

Wow.  In the old days my home hair color trips with Nice 'n Easy would take at least 45 minutes.  Of course I had lots of hair, even back then.  Ten minutes seems unbelievable for great hair color.  At least it does to me.

Clairol Perfect 10 offers unsurpassed color results, improved hair surface condition and a superior usage and some of the best home haircolor results experienced by hair consumers today.  The advancement of Clairol Perfect 10 is made possible by AminoGlycine, a revolutionary new lightening system from P&G Beauty, parent company of Clairol.

AminoGlycine Lightening System

According to Dr.  Frauke Neuser, Principal Color Scientist, P&G Beauty "Perfect 10 by Nice 'n Easy is the first true breakthrough that delivers on all aspects of product performance - brilliant color results, reduced damage and a great usage experience".  Why?  "It's the new AminoGlycine lightening system - the heart of any colorant product - that has allowed us (P&G) to transform home haircolor".  According to Dr. Neuser, "this breakthrough will dramatically shape the future of the category (home haircolor)".

Perfect 10 is the first haircolor to use the AminoGlycine technology.  Perfect 10 combines the benefits of AminoGlycine witht he color artistry of Clairol to create a breakthrough home haircolor.   With its unsurpassed color, improved hair condition and a superior inuse experience, Perfect 10 is the best home haircolor product available today.

High Gloss Color

Perfect 10’s advanced color crème with built in conditioners quickly infuses natural looking color that lasts. As with all Nice ‘n Easy products, Perfect 10 delivers 100 percent, long-lasting gray coverage but in just ten minutes versus the 20-30 minutes required for conventional permanent hair colorants. Women with resistant grays should

let the color process for an additional five minutes.

So Fast, Yet So Flawless

Perfect 10’s patented PerfectColor Comb envelops each strand in a rich color crème from root to tip giving women high speed, high gloss color with flawless gray coverage.

The new PerfectColor comb has 14 outlets to provide maximum color distribution – five at the tip of each nozzle, five half way down each nozzle and four at the bottom between the nozzles ensuring even coverage regardless of the length or thickness of the user’s hair.

Prestige Fragrance

P&G Beauty’s perfumers created a custom fragrance with a floral bouquet of violet and rose. The top is a delicious blend of fruits such as pineapple, banana, melon, apple and peach.

Designer Color Palette

The Perfect 10 designer color palette contains 15 natural-looking shades of pure color artistry.  Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice 'n Easy is available anywhere health and beauty products are sold.  The suggested retail price is $13.99.

The Perfect 10 colors include:

4      Dark Brown - Espresso on the Double

5      Medium Brown - Mocalotive

5A    Medium Ash Brown  - Swift Chocolate

5G    Medium Golden Brown -  Golden Glow on the Go

6      Light Brown - Chocolate Shake

6A    Light Ash Brown - Instant Cocoa

6G    Light Golden Brown - Full Tilt Toffee

6R    Light Auburn  - Ginger in a Snap

7      Dark Blonde - Butterscotch Boom

7.5A Medium Ash Blonde - Zip Zoom Macaroon

8      Medium Blonde  - Ready-made Cupcake

8G    Medium Golden  - Blonde Beeline Honey

8.5A Medium Champagne Blonde - Champagne Rush

9A    Light Ash Blonde - Whirlwind Blonde

10    Lightest Blonde - Blondies to Go

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