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Reese Witherspoon Hair On Jimmy Kimmel

The beautiful Oscar winning blonde Reese Witherspoon appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel show in November of 2008, right before Thanksgiving.  I missed the original broadcast but managed to catch it a few days ago via the web - natch.

Her main reason for her appearance was to talk about her latest movie - Four Christmases - co-starring Vince Vaughn. The movie, a comedy, opened in November of 2008

There's no question that Reese is a major star - her movies, as quoted by Jimmy Kimmel "have earned over 1 billion dollars not even counting popcorn and Raisenettes".

(Image of Reese Witherspoon on Jimmy Kimmel Show on ABC - Photo from - all rights reserved).

Reese appeared on Jimmy's show wearing her beautiful platinum blonde hair in a super shiny below-the-chin bob cascading from a deep side part.

The actress had on a lovely V neck, above-the-knee satin chiffon style violet dress with quarter length sleeves and a matching belt which showed off her petite figure. She accessorized perfectly with chocolate brown heels and beautiful dangling earrings.

I actually prefer Reese with her hair worn longer, as she had it on Jimmy Kimmel, because she has a very pronounced heart shaped face with a prominent chin. When Reese wears her hair almost to her shoulders her bob balances her chin better and provides a much softer look for the sassy blonde.

Thanksgiving Plans

Reese was sweet and friendly in her interview with the late night funnyman. She didn't really talk about her romantic life but did share freely about her farm and her kids.

Jimmy started the interview by asking Reese if she had plans for Thanksgiving?

Reese replied "um yeah, I'm going to eat some turkey". Yes, maybe a sweet potato". Jimmy asked "Really, just one"? The actress said "hmmm, no maybe more than one. Depends on the night. You never know what's going to happen".

Jimmy then asked Reese about her farm ownership. He wanted to know if the actress and her family were going "to eat turkey's or animals from her farm?"

Reese told Jimmy "well we don't have a turkey farm but". But they do have "other animals on the farm" including "two pigs" and "a bunch of chickens and three goats".

(Image of Reese Witherspoon on Jimmy Kimmel Show on ABC - Photo from - all rights reserved).

Since the actress' two kids, aged nine and five, have already named the animals, it appears "unlikely", according to Reese, they will be eating any of the farm animals.

Although she said "we're thinking about eating" some of "the chickens, I don't know, although we've named them Cluck and Buttermilk". It would be "kinda upsetting to eat them now" she said, since they "have names".

This is especially true since Reese's daughter "has gotten the joke" on the connection between the animals and eating meat. As a result of her daughter, the actress explained "there's no bacon in the house".

Her daughter "won't eat it (bacon) on the farm, but she'll eat it in the house. She won't eat bacon "not on the farm not in front of the pigs. It's offensive". After all, her daughter, "who was eight" at the time, named the pigs. They "are named Lavender and Booker T. Washington". Her daughter "was studying American History" at the time she named the two pigs.

Jimmy asked Reese if her kids still believed in Santa Clause?

Reese of course was careful with her answers since her kids were probably watching. She did share "if you don't believe (in Santa Claus) you don't get anything".

Reese also said "I gotta regulate. I gotta have a system. Yeah, yeah, cause kids don't know how to process. The kids get one thing they really really want and they have to write it down. And all that kinda stuff".

Her kids "have to mail in a letter to Santa and then Santa decides if that's too big an item". Sometimes it "can't fit in the sleigh". "Yeah", she said, "my kids want things like horses. I can't - ya know".

Jimmy asked Reese if she will ever get the kids a horse? She told Jimmy "I don't know, I don't know. I don't know. That horse seems like a lot of responsibility. I'm kinda bogged down with pigs and dogs and chickens and goats. And that's a lot".

Goat Challenges For Reese

Living on the farm has provided Reese with goat challenges. She explained "the goats got loose one day". Which was a big trauma for Reese. The three goats, who climb "got on the roof of the house". She summarized her stress with the goats as "they eat and they climb".

Reese explained she was "in a full sweat" having a "full anxiety attack" trying to coax the goats - George and Martha - Washington - off the roof with the third goat "weird uncle Sal from New Jersey". She finally coaxed got the goats down off the roof with "a carrot or something like that".

Reese was hilarious telling the story of the crazy goats to Jimmy who was definitely egging the beautiful blonde actress on.

(Image of Reese Witherspoon - Children's Defense Fund 18th Annual LA "Beat the Odds" Awards - 12-04-08 - - all rights reserved).

Slopping Pigs On The Farm

Reese told Jimmy she actually does "farming with her family on their land". Specifically she said "we slop the pigs and we make the mud so the pigs can wallow. They have to wallow. Their skin needs the dirt on it". The pigs "need the minerals from the soil".

The actress said she really "wonders about people who are really farmers for a living". Apparently her two kids "wake up so early. Thanks goodness there's something for them to do". She said "we call them the farmers because they wake up at 5:00 in the morning."

Now that they have the farm when her kids come to wake her up the lovely actress "tells them to go feed the chickens and get the eggs. They go and get the eggs out of the chicken coop. Yeah, eggs".

Goats And Peacocks - Gift With Purchase

Although she loves the eggs from the chickens Reese is really not a fan of those climbing goats. She told Jimmy "you get nothing out of a goat. Trust me I tried. There's nothing there. What's a goat for? I don't know. They're quaint. You know what? They're quaint".

Reese explained she didn't buy the goats for the farm. She told Jimmy "they came with the farm. It was gift with purchase. I couldn't get rid of them. There's no goat shelters. Or rescue a goat. Or whatever. What do you do"?

(Image of Reese Witherspoon in the press room at the 35th Annual People's Choice Awards -Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA. 01-07-09 - - All rights reserved).

"We have a peacock and two peahens. They just showed up one day. And they just live there. We don't know where they came from? There's nowhere to send them away. Nobody wants them. They're good for nothing".

Jimmy suggested Reese should eat the peacocks because "they're delicious and colorful".

Will Reese break down and eat the unwanted peacocks?  Well "she thinking about it".

Vince Vaughn - A Big Funny Guy

Jimmy proceeded to discuss the film Four Christmases with Reese who explained the movie "not only does it look funny, it is funny". And it "smells".

Reese and Vince Vaughn "play boyfriend and girlfriend" and they've decided to never get married, never have children and they like their lives exactly the way it is. Unfortunately they get stuck one year attending the four different Christmas celebrations of their various families and hilarity ensues.

The actress told Jimmy "it's a wacky journey." She also said "I had a lot of takeaways" while making the movie which she explained is "a real family centered movie. Basically as humiliating as your family can be you have to learn to love them and just deal".

(Image of Reese Witherspoon at the World Premiere of 'Four Christmases' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California - 11-20-08 - - all rights reserved).

Reese also commented on the fact "Vince Vaughn is a huge guy. He's 6'5" and she 5'2'. That's a big spread. It made kissing scenes very difficult. Very difficult. It was a little like a goat climbing. He's tall. He's a big man. He's a big funny man."

Jimmy ended the interview with a hilarious clip of a baby throwing up on Reese while Vince freaked out. After the clip he thanked the beautiful actress for visiting and she exited gracefully from the stage.

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