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Zooey Deschanel Hairstyle - Yes Man

Actress Zooey Deschanel tries to be "unbearably clever" at least that's what she told Jane Magazine in a September 2006 interview about her role in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

The witty younger sister of Emily Deschanel of TV's Bones told Jane that her fave snack foods were "carob chips, apples, pudding".

As far as her fashion Zooey told Jane she is perpetually shopping for "the perfect pair of overall shorts" which have "eluded me since the fifth grade".

Gosh, I just love Zooey in 'Failure To Launch' when she is driven to distraction by the mockingbird outside her window.  She is beyond hilarious.

I also loved her as the deadpan smartass in Elf where she played a blonde as well as demonstrating her singing talents during the course of the movie.

Zooey's career is skyrocketing and she recently walked the Red Carpet with Jim Carrey in honor of her significant role in Yes Man.

(Image of Zooey Deschanel as a blonde at the premiere of Fox Searchlight's "The Good Girl" at the Pacific Theatre, Hollywood, 06-29-02 - all rights reserved). 

Not only is the funny girl's career rocking, her sense of style and beauty have continued to evolve since her Elf days when her medium length bobbed hair was a shade of over processed blonde.

The recently engaged beauty smoked the Yes Man Red Carpet with her shimmering black onyx hued hair worn long and lush extending towards the middle of her back.  The ends had a slight hint of bend and wave which gave her hairstyle a totally glam look.

Her beautiful blue eyes popped under a veil of shiny and straight blunt cut bangs that extended just slightly below the edge of her eyebrows.  Zooey's bangs were oh-so-slightly parted on either side of the bridge of her nose to showcase her beautiful brows.

The crown section of Zooey's hair had great fullness which was accented by a shimmering diamond hued crystal headband that played off her matching earrings.  Zooey also showcased the latest fashion trend for feathers by wearing a wispy feathering pin to one side of her strapless Winter white satin gown.

It's hard to say just by looking at Zooey's photos on the Red Carpet whether her hair was "extension enhanced" or not but it is definitely possible Zooey was either wearing clip-in hair extensions or permanent add-on hair.  Regardless whether it was all her hair or not, the hairstyle was simply spectacular.

Zooey told Jane Magazine she admired "the styles of Linda Ronstadt in the 70s in general".  If you looke at Zooey in her gorgeous Yes Man hair and fashion, she does have the dark beauty that Linda was so famous for.

Zooey also told Jane she admired "Anna Karina in A Woman Is A Woman and Rita Tushingham in a Taste of Honey.

More importantly Zooey confessed to Jane that the one thing she couldn't leave home without was "clothes, yeah, usually clothes".

Certainly at the Yes Man Premiere Zooey had on some spectacular clothes indeed.

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