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Celeb Hairdresser Henry Amador - Best Gray Hair Advice

Although my arrival in the blogging world started a few years ago with my Hollywood & Mane column for, I have been writing articles about hair since 1997 for and MultiMedia International publications (101 Celebrity Hairstyles, Short Cuts, Hair Gallery, etc.,)

Over the past 11 years I have spent a lot of time interviewing hairdressers, hair colorists and beauty experts about a wide range of hair and beauty related challenges.  I also went to two different cosmetology schools (which I loved) in order to deepen my knowledge of the professional hair business.

I honestly worry about giving hair consumers incorrect information.  Henry has been one of the amazing professional haircolorists who is always willing to take my calls and help me with any hair color related questions.

Looking back, one of the best interviews I ever had about hair color was with Master Haircolorist Henry Amador of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I met Henry back in the last 1990s shortly after was up and running.  Over the years we have done a regular series of interviews and I have been in awe of the amazing body of work he has put together during that time.

Henry actually gave me the absolute best hair advice regarding gray hair that I have ever received.  He explained to me why hair color sometimes slides right off stubborn gray strands.  I was amazed when he explained how important it was for the hair to be "pre-treated" before the hair color to cover gray was applied.

Recently I was chatting with my own Dallas hair colorist, Rose Zuniga, about an acquaintance whose gray hair doesn't hold new hair color for more than a few shampoo treatments.  Rose started to explain about "pre-treating" the hair and I told her what I had already learned about softening stubborn gray hair some years ago from the amazing Henry.  Rose agreed that Henry's pre-treatment method was the best way to handle stubborn gray.

Rose told me that she "pre-treats" her own gray hair, which is "very coarse and stubborn" and then covers it with Wella Haircolor, which she told me does a fabulous job of holding on her hair for an extended period of time.

Rose agreed that many hairstylists who don't specialize in color might not know about the pre-treatment method recommended by Henry to me back in 2002.  She also explained that some hair colors, even with pre-treatment, just don't have what it takes to maintain color coverage.

For more information about Master Haircolorist Henry Amador visit him at  You can call Henry for an appointment at 954-396-4247 or 954-396-HAIR.  Please tell Henry I sent you.

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