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George Clooney Christmas Quote

As a huge fan of the Ellen DeGeneres show I've been watching with amusement as she tries every trick in the book to entice the famous movie star with the gorgeous salt and pepper hair to stop by her show for a spontaneous visit.

It seems that Ellen's show recently moved to a soundstage that shares a parking lot with George Clooney's offices. Ever since moving across the parking lot Ellen has done everything from sending Chippendales over (at the suggestion of Brad Pitt) to sending Carmen Electra and Anna (rhymes with Donna) Faris over.

Maybe Ellen should stop and see George today which is Christmas.  Why?

Last year George was quoted in US Magazine about his feeling about the Christmas Holidays.... "I don't go a big Christmas thing.  I think Christmas, at some point, is for having a bunch of kids, so I just get through the Holidays.  I have a lot of work to do."

And where else might George be working but at his office in Hollywood across the parking lot from Ellen's TV show.

Or maybe not.  George is also a fan of Italy where he owns a gorgeous house.  Not to mention his hectic travel schedule related to his work on a variety of films.

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