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Kelly Osbourne Short Hair Glam Hairstyle

Kelly Osbourne goes ultra glam with Old Hollywood style by instantly translating her normal short and sleek cropped hair cut with pumped up volume.

Kelly is wearing the hottest fashion trend which is animal print.   Her Raven black glossy thick hair is brushed up and off her face ending in a modified curled pompadour style.

(Image of Kelly Osbourne - Flaunt Magazine's 10th Anniversary Party And Holiday Toy Driver - - All Rights Reserved).

The newly engaged Kelly's hair is styled from a very deep side part off one side.

Her hair is also directed from the back of the crown with the bulk of her hair directed down onto her forehead and coiffed into one  well-shaped large pin curl shape.

Large pin curls were also layered along the opposite side and one pin curl was pulled slightly forward onto one cheek.

Kelly's Red Carpet Hairstyle is a brilliant example of how to dress up a short cropped hairstyle which Kelly has been recently wearing with a long sleek and straight side-swept fringe.

How To Steal Kelly Osborune's Glammed Up Short HairStyle

1.  Shampoo with product appropriate for your hair type, texture and current condition.  If your hair is highlighted or colored use a shampoo to maintain delicate hues.

2.  Rinse well and apply rinse-out conditioner.  Amp of color by adding a few drops of Ken Paves Boost Up Color Drops.

3.  Perform a final rinse with cool/cold water.

4.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5.  Apply cocktail of leave-in conditioner/temporary straightener and/or frizz fighter.

6.  While hair is still damp create a deep side part and direct bulk of hair to one side of the head.  To guarantee curl formation and hold you may wish to add styling gel or mousse.

7.  Separate hair into 2-3" sections and arrange into loose curled pin curls.  Pin the curls down against the scalp using bobby pins.

8.  Allow hair to air-dry or sit under a hood style hair dryer set on a medium heat setting.  Dry hair completely.

9.  When hair is 100% dry and cool, remove pin curls one by one.

10.  Use a boar bristle brush to deconstruct curls.

11.  Back comb hair to add volume and fullness.

12.  Direct hair towards front of forehead and form one large pin curl.  Spray with a firm holding spray.

13.  Create curls along the side and pull one slightly open and pull it forward towards the cheek.

14.  Spray well with hair spray or finish with a drop of shine serum or gloss slightly swiped over the top.

You’re a Old Hollywood ready for any Party Hair or other dressy hair event.

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