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Blood Kissing Hairstyles & Dangers

Yesterday I received an email from a blog visitor (Jessica) who is addicted to Twilight.  She has seen the movie six times and wants to encourage her boyfriend to bite her neck in true vampire fashion (known as a type of blood kissing similar to lip biting kissing) where he draws Jessica's actual blood.

Unfortunately Jessica is having a few hair related challenges with her blood biting/blood kissing goals.  The problems?  Her hair is long, very curly and blonde.

Her guy (Paul) uses her hair as an excuse not to bite her neck because he complains that her hair gets into his mouth when he is trying to bite and that he is worried that his blood may leave marks in her long hair.

Jess is not sure whether he is just making excuses but asked me for appropriate blood kissing hairstyles that might entice Paul to bite her neck to draw blood.

She's not interested in just love kisses (hickeys) or traditional blood kisses (biting the lips) she wants him to literally cause her neck to bleed.  She is also worried about the blood potentially staining her hair and her parents getting upset about it.

My hair advice to Jessica covered the two key points of her concern which are listed below:

1.  I told her to wear her hair pulled up on top of her head in a tight ballerina style bun (or similar) so that her curly strands were completely off her neck.

2.  Jessica also has the option to pull her hair to one side into the latest messy side ponytail look (like worn on Rumer Willis above) that is so popular right now.

3.  A cute braided side pony updo like the one by Twilight's Christian Serratos (shown to the side) is another great option and is a vampire appropriate hairstyle to rock.

4.  While blood may potentially stain blonde hair, it can usually be washed out with shampoo.

However, if she is worried about the blood I suggested she wash her hair before the potential neck biting date and apply leave-in conditioner which will help protect against blood seeping into her hair.  Of course if she is going to wear her hair up, there is even less risk.

Dangers of Blood Kissing Or Neck Biting

Besides dealing with hair in the mouth and potential blood stain annoyances, it's also important to consider the potential dangers of vampire neck biting and/or blood kissing from the viewpoint of exchanging blood.  Whenever there's an exchange of blood there is the chance of contracting blood-borne diseases and related infections such as potentially life threatening hepatitis, AIDS, syphilis.

Traditional blood kissing involves two people kissing and biting each other's lips to draw blood and then exchanging it.  The current popularity of Twilight has generated a new trend where couples bite each other's necks to draw actual blood, which involves the same risks as the original lip biting kisses.  This is known in some circles as Vampire kissing.

It's important to remember that no matter how trendy or inviting (to vampires) your tresses may look, ultimately it's important to protect yourself before undergoing any behaviors that might have lifelong consequences.

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