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When Celebrity Hairdressers Get Dumped

Just like mere mortal hairstylists some celebrity hairdressers get dumped by their favorite clients. The difference? Celebrity hairdressers often have high profile clients and it can be much worse to get dumped by an A lister than by a regular hair client.

The celebrity hairdresser dumping happens more than the average consumer knows because it's usually not publicized on Perez Hilton unless of course Perez has the inside scoop and then the gloves are off.

So why do celeb hairdressers get dumped? For a variety of relationship busting reasons most often linked to sharing information about the celebrity without permission or too frequently.

Loose Lips

You know what they say, loose lips sink ships. Or so it goes.

New York based celebrity hair colorist Brad Johns was said to have parted ways with the famous Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy whose buttery blonde base with 24 karat chunky highlights were conceived and created by Brad when he blabbed too much about her to the media.

What really happened? No one will probably ever know the real story but insiders claimed Carolyn got tired of the Master Colorist boosting his fame through her highlights. At this point we will never really know since Carolyn is no longer around to confirm or deny what happened.

When Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise there was a famous celebrity hairdresser missing from the festivities. The hairdresser? Oscar Blandi.  Although it was reported in the past that Katie had her tresses coiffed by celeb hairdresser  Frankie Payne, for many years she was known to work closely with Oscar Blandi.

Many celebrity watchers expected Oscar to be her hairdresser for her famous wedding to Tom Cruise but Oscar never appeared.  To this day it is unclear who did Katie's hair for her nuptials.

What happened?  We may never know for sure.

A Bad Influence

Of course some celebrity hairdressers can be fired for being deemed a bad influence on their client's careers. Such was the case when Amy Winehouse fired her hairdresser and close friend Alex Fodden for being a bad influence on her. Alex was responsible for Amy's signature big beehive.

A spokesman for Winehouse toldThe People: "Alex is no longer a hairdresser for Amy. Management don't feel the need to say why."

The Hair Affair Ends - Badly

English footballer Ashley Cole went to extreme lengths, including offering money, to prevent the hairdresser with whom he allegedly cheated on his wife Cheryl Cole, from disclosing her pregnancy.

Needless to say after the scandal broke Cole and his hairdresser parted ways.

The Marriage Ends Badly

The elegant Lesley Clarke, estranged wife of the UK's famous Nicky Clarke helped him build his hair empire only to leave him when she discovered he had been cheating with a Vivienne Westwood model. Lesley and Nicky have managed to overcome her dumping of the famous celebrity hairdresser due to the fact they are still in business together but he is no longer her hairdresser.

A Myriad Of Other Reasons

Sometimes a celebrity will get upset if their favorite hairdresser is not available for an important event and will dump their regular hairdresser for a substitute.  When this happens the celebrity may decide they like the sub better and never return to the first celebrity hairdresser.

Victoria "Posh" Spice who used to have a long term celeb hairdresser in Europe dumped him for a LA based hairdresser when she moved to the US with her husband and family.  Posh and her new LA celeb hairdresser created some amazing hairstyles together.  Then out of the blue on a trip to New York the former Spice girl made a surprise visit to celebrity hairdresser Garren who promptly created her uber short pixie.

What does that mean for Victoria;s LA hairdresser?  Who knows, she's not talking about it.  Which is actually a good thing for the celebrity hairdresser since celebrities are notorious for being worried about their hairdressers spilling any beans.  The bad news for the media is that we'll never know if Victoria dumper her LA hairdresser or just got bored and decided to try something new.

Some celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker make it a point not to get too close to any one celeb hairdresser so there are no official dumpings.  Sarah Jessica is constantly moving around and has worked with a wide range of celebrity hair maestros including Ken Paves and Robert Hallowell, to name a few.

Other celebrities will dump their celeb hairdressers if they mess up their hair.  One world famous singer had to get a badly designed mullet created by their long term European celeb hairdressed fixed by another US celeb hairdresser.  Not a peep was heard about the botched haircut although the singer made headlines for her super short do.

Celebs also disconnect from their hairdressers for the same reasons consumers do.  They move away, get out of the movie biz, get married and start working with their spouse's hairdresser (Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt used to share a hair man) or they get bored with the same ole, same old.

The next time you consider dumping your own hairdresser remember that it's a lot easier than when you're a celebrity client dumping a big name hairdresser, especially if Perez Hilton, TMZ or any other media outlet hears about it.

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