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Beauty Tips For Thanksgiving

Introduction - Beauty Tips For Thanksgiving

Perfect Side Swept Fringe - Hair by Brian Raines - Ladies & Gentlemen Salon & Spa Perfect Side Swept Fringe

Besides those extra helpings of pumpkin pie, one of the biggest beauty busters during Thanksgiving  is stress.  We all know stress can cause last minute {{asin=B000052YJX,text=blemishes}} to pop out and cause those dark under-eye circles to appear.

Stress is a major beauty buzz kill which may trigger periods of {{asin=B000F8FBEC,text=insomnia}} and can cause hair to misbehave.

Misbehaving hair triggered by chronic stress may cause a tight scalp, dry frizzy tresses or generally unmanageable strands. It might also trigger excessive oiliness resulting in limp or lank strands.

Pounding caffeine or energy drinks to help relieve stress may actually cause more hair and beauty challenges, depending upon how much you consume.

The good news is that there are a wide range of beauty tips for Thanksgiving which you can utilize to relieve stress during this Holiday season.

List Of Beauty Tips For Thanksgiving

Listed below are some great hair and beauty stress relieving tips which can keep you looking beautiful during the Thanksgiving Holiday Season.

Tarina Tarantino Dusty Pink Hair Flower Tarina Tarantino Dusty Pink Hair Flower

1. Think Pink

Even though it's the season of orange, yellow, chocolaghe and gold, wearing pink has been shown to almost instantly relieve tension.

If you don't want to wear pink clothing, pop on a few pink accessories such as a beautiful hair flower, headband or even a ring you can gaze at when stress starts to mount.

It doesn't matter what color pink but make sure it is a version of pink you love so you don't feel stressed by wearing something which offends your beauty code.

2. Play Your Favorite Tunes

Listening to music you love soothes your brain which also calms a tight scalp. Don't forget that stress can tighten up the scalp and may impact blood flood to the brain, which can be a no-no for maintaining healthy hair and strands.

I often pop in my ear buds and listen to my favorite mixes on my iPod.  It instantly relieves my stress.

3. Take Little Beauty Naps

There is actually a comfy couch in the ladies' room at and when I am overly stressed I will sneak in there for a 20 minute rest. We call it the "hang out" because it can be a great way to hang loose and let the stress drain out of your body.

4. Try Pacing

Beautiful Brunette Strands - Hair by FMK Salons, Fairfield Heights, Australia Beautiful Brunette Strands - Hair by FMK Salons, Fairfield Heights, Australia

If you have way too much to do start to hit stress overload begin walking back and forth. Studies have shown pacing activates alternative sides of the brain, which instantly zaps beauty busting stress.

If you ever come to you may literally see me pacing in the parking lot or the warehouse.

5. Twitter

Nothing is more calming than seeing the uplifting tweets from your Twitter followers. I get daily inspiration from reading all the wonderful tweets we receive at  It banishes stress to focus on other people.

6. Tap Your Tongue

Recent studies have shown that when you tap the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth that it instantly creates emotional balance and calm. It has also be proven to relaxing feel good hormones.

Don't tap too hard or you may have to add visit-the-dentist stress to the list.

Cara Headband In Pink Cara Headband In Pink

7. Do Black Friday On The Web

Even if there are amazing sales at the malls on Black Friday do you really want to deal with the stress of crowded malls?

Nothing is more stressful than dealing with traffic jams, crowded parking lots and other shoppers.  Also, all those crowds put you at more risk of catching the current bug, a definite stress trigger.

8. Light Aromatherapy Candles.

Studies have shown that gazing at a flicker flame can instantly slow down or halt stress from flooding through your body.  The light of the candle has been proven to slow brain-wave activity.

Even better, light a fire in the fireplace to add relaxing warmth and calm to your environment.

Additional Beauty Tips For Thanksgiving

Fresh Sugar Scented Candle Fresh Sugar Scented Candle

Everyone needs to develop their own stress-busting beauty tips and secrets, but when possible consider the following:

1.  Wear your hair up in a simple knot to avoid lots of time messing with your hair.

2.  Keep make-up to a minimum so you can enjoy your Holiday and not worry about applying cosmetics.

3.  Schedule a post-Holiday massage and ask for extra work on your head (to relieve tight scalp).

4.  Keep aromatherapy at close hand or wear fragrances which keep you happy and relaxed.

5.  Cut back or cut out caffeine and switch to relaxing herbal tea blends.

6.  Dress comfortably and wear your favorite boots or shoes to avoid aching feet or legs.

7.  Drink extra water to keep skin and hair well-hydrated.

8.  Take a few minutes every day to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life. It will make you feel relaxed and happy.

I would love to hear all of your beauty tips for Thanksgiving.  Please share or stop by the HairTalk forum and post your own beauty tips and secrets.

Happy Turkey Day To All!

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