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Finding Blog Treasures - Girlfriend Celebrations

Since I promised myself I would get with the blogging program, like everything else I do, I threw myself into it 1000% percent.  Since the time I started working hard on my own blogging, I've been finding all sorts of great new blogs that are expanding my horizons.  I've been finding great blog treasures in a lot of different subject areas other than hair, beauty and fashion.  Which is a very good thing since I tend to be myopic about those topics.

Blogging has become yet another form of a scotoma for me.  I never really saw all the fabulous blogs (in my defense I do work lots of hours) on the Web until I started creating my own blog.

Recently I happened upon a very cool blog that celebrates Girlfriends.  The blog is charming, inspirational and  really got me thinking in all new directions.  The fabulous blog is called Girlfriend Celebrations.  The blog is cheerful, fun and very inspirational.

The blog is written by Dawn Williams Bertuca who is a professional writer, editor and a mother of two and Tina VanZant Bishop is a Registered Nurse, photographer, and mother of two.

These two fab girlfriends brainstorm girlfriend party ideas and spend precious “girl time” drinking coffee, dreaming, trading CDs, feng shui-ing, and thinking of all the fabulous places they will go when they get a spare moment.

Dawn and Tina honor and celebrate female friendships.   As these two women suggest "not enough women make "girlfriend" relationships a priority".   I completely agree. 

I totally appreciate and relate to what Girlfriend Celebrations is all about.  I also have a handful of very "special girlfriends" who have been in my life for many years.

One friend, Jeanie, has been my true girlfriend for over 25+ years.  Over those years we've laughed together, fought with each other, not spoken for almost a year - which was horrible - finally worked things out, and supported each other through the death of my husband and the cancer of her long term male partner.  We have each other's back and it is such a comfort.

We sneak away together every two weeks (on Saturday afternoons) and hang out at a Starbucks.  We briefly escape together from our crazy busy lives.  We enjoy just being together to talk about life.  Those moments are very special even though we always bicker over who gets to pay (we take turns) and compete for the best comfy chairs.

I also have another lifelong girlfriend who lives in Virigina.  Even though we are far away from each other we manage to get together once a year (we talk on the phone and email every week) where we lock ourselves away in a hotel somewhere.

We take turns traveling to visit between Dallas and Virginia.  When we get together we talk all night, do astrology charts together (we met at an astrology event over 28 years ago), look at Feng Shui numbers (she's a 9), eat dinner, drink coffee and indulge in spa treatments.  It's a true mood booster and very special.

Celebrating girlfriends is so important.  Which is why the Girlfriend Celebrations blog is near and dear to my heart.  If you haven't visited this blog, stop by and see what I mean.  If you can't trust you're girlfriends..who can you trust?

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