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Beauty Notes: Can Fine Perfumes Go Green?

According to an article in Tuesday's WWD by Michelle Edgar, fine fragrances from top notch established perfume brands may find going green with their brands a lot more challenging than other hair and beauty related products.

Why?  Going 100% organic will greatly limit the availability of many current ingredients utilized by perfume brands.

Although fragrance manufacturers are receiving requests for water based non-alcoholic fragrance, the reality is that water based scents contain a low fragrance level and thus are not as strong or as long lasting as traditional perfume oil bases.

While many of the key players in the fine fragrance industry are dedicated to finding viable solutions for the creation of viable organic perfumes, it may be awhile before offerings are made available that meet the needs of consumers.  In fact, there is some question whether fragrance consumers would be ultimately happy with green perfumes.  This is an ongoing debate.

In the meantime....if you want to investigate organic or green fragrance offerings consider the following brand available at most large health food stores or online:

Aubrey Organics

The award winning company offers a variety of scents for both men and women that range from everyday light scents to more sophisticated evening scents.  The Aubrey fragrances have been certified as 95% organic.  In addition, the Aubrey fragrances are free of synthetic aldehydes and petrochemicals.  They can be tolerated by those with perfume sensisitives or allergies.

While I'm sure there are other great organic fragrances out there, I can't personally recommend them at this time but I can recommend Aubrey.  I have been using their products for years.

If you know some great options....please let me know.

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