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Celeb Colorist Tracey Cunningham Leaves Neil George For Byron Williams Salon

Hollywood hair stylists who rise to the title of "celebrity" hairstylists are often very competitive and definitely known to climb their way to a bigger name clientele by way of changing salons.

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Of course just having celebrities sitting in your chair does not make you a celebrity hairdresser or hair colorist.  No, those celebrity hairdressers and colorists have to combine major talent with hard work along with knowing how to play the Hollywood name game.

Celebrities are very private, with just cause.  After being stalked by mobs of papparrazzi, they don't want to share even the tiniest of personal details, which includes who does their hair.

Some celebrities will talk to the media about their hairdressers and colorists if those people are considered status symbols and completely trustworthy.   Also, the Hollywood hairdresser must do such a fantastic job with the celebrity's hair they are willing to share that information with the media.

Hollywood hairdressers who are run of the mill, whether they do celebrity hair or not, will most likely not make it into the pages of the hottest magazines or hair and beauty websites.  In fact, if they talk about their celebrity client's hair without the celebrity's permission, that may be their death in Tinseltown.

Tracey Cunningham, who I have the pleasure to interviewing not only works extremely hard, she is a world class talent with hair color.   Celebrities are proud to drop her name when asked about their amazing hair color.  Other celebrities are vying for time in her chair.  Tracey has become a celebrity status symbol like Chris McMillan and Sally Hershberger.

Tracey has also played the game of moving to the right salons as her hair color career exploded.  A native of Seattle,  the superstar hair colorist moved to LA where she took up residence at the Art Luna Salon in West Hollywood.  From Art Luna she moved up to John Frieda on Melrose Place where celebrities soon discovered the brilliance of her subtle hair color designs.

After paying her haircoloring dues at John Frieda where her book of celebrity clients balooned, she and her clients moved on to the famous Neil George salon which has a stellar name of celebrity hairdressers including co-owners Neil Weisberg, Amanda George, David Babaii and celebrity colorist Lorri Goddard Clark.

Although famous for her work with Molly Sims, her celebrity clientele grew to include Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Lindsay Lohan, Renee Zellwegger, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, and even Nicole Kidman when she's in town. Amazingly, the celebrities actually traveled to the salon to have their hair colored by Tracey, which is definitely unusual in Hollywood.

Tracey also is known to travel to movie sets with Renee Zellwegger and Jennifer Lopez while still maintaining still maintaining regular salon hours.  Quite a feat for the busy celebrity colorist.

Just recently Tracey decided to pack her bags and move from Neil George to right down the street to the Byron Williams Salon on Civic Center Drive.  The reason for her move?  Probably due to the fact she will have her name on the door and be a co-owner of the salon.

Besides being fabulous talented with color and being the Celebrity Colorist for Redken, Tracey also happens to be best friends with Hollywood PR guru Nanci Ryder who just happens to represent Jennifer Lopez,  Renee Zellwegger and many other big names.  Of course Nanci wants her celeb clients to have the most amazing haircolor so she will most likely be referring them to Tracey's salon.

Moving into Neil George was another celebrity hairdresser who also does color along with other hair services.  Her name?  Jessica Galvan who I have also interviewed and who attended hair school in Dallas at Toni and Guy.  Jessica used to own a salon but closed its doors after the new demands of starting her family.  Jessica has her own long list of celebrity clients and has most notably coiffed Victoria Beckham.

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