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Lisa Ling Investigates Who Cares About Girls On Oxygen Network

From the daughters of incarcerated mothers to exploited children in India, Oxygen explored how the world treats girls in the documentary series "Who Cares About Girls?," hosted by award-winning journalist Lisa Ling and produced by National Geographic Television.

(Image of Lisa Ling (right) - Oxygen Photo - from documentary series "Who Care About Girls?" - All Rights Reserved)

The initiative began with the original production "Mothers In Prison - And The Daughters Left Behind" and will be followed by "Hidden Away: Slave Girls of India." Other installments will follow.

"Mothers In Prison" took an in-depth look at what happens to the young daughters left behind when their moms are taken away - since women are often the primary or sole caregiver to their children.

Does 'the system' help or hinder the lives of these girls? Lisa Ling spends time with three girls who live thousands of miles from each other, but are bound by the common experience of having mothers behind bars.

(Image of Lisa Ling (right) - Oxygen Photo - from documentary series "Who Care About Girls?" - All Rights Reserved)

Lisa also explores the Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program; an innovative 'summer camp' for children of imprisoned parents in Bedford, NY; and a women's prison in Australia where children are able to live with their parents until the age of six.

Lisa Ling heads to Southeast Asia in "Hidden Away: Slave Girls of India" for a front-line view into the battle against child labor and prostitution.

She tells the stories of young girls who have been forced into labor as both domestics and sex slaves, including a 19-year-old ex-prostitute who is now an activist working to end child servitude.

(Image of Lisa Ling - Oxygen Network Documentary Series - Who Cares About Girls - All Rights Reserved).

Lisa Ling also goes undercover for a secret raid with the organization STOP - Stop Trafficking, Oppression and Prostitution of Children.

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