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Actress Liv Tyler Had Perm And Braces During Adolescence

Actress Liv Tyler stars in Hollywood's latest film about the Marvel comic character, The Incredible Hulk, who has special powers.

Unlike the scientist Bruce Banner, played in this version by Edward Norton, Liv never has been exposed to gamma rays that transform her into a raging monster.

(Image of Liv Tyler at Hulk Premiere - 2008 - - All Rights Reserved)

The daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steve Tyler and former model and Playboy pin-up Bebe Buell, the 30-year-old was born into fame, with the gift of beauty.

After moving from Maine to New York in her early teens, she's still not entirely sure when or why she decided to become an actress.

"It was all sort of happening to me," she explains. "I was chubby, had a perm and braces, and within a year I shot up like a gazillion feet and I was suddenly 5'10" and scrawny. My mother was taking photographs at the time and used those pictures in a magazine.

"People started to ask, "Who's that girl?". I started modeling. Then I was asked to audition for a couple of movies and met Bernardo Bertolucci."

The Italian film director asked the 16-year-old to play the lead in his coming-of-age movie Stealing Beauty. The film revealed to the world that Steve and Bebe had a very talented young daughter.

Since that time, Liv has become internationally well-known for her performance as elf princess Arwen in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

She then married Leeds-born Spacehog rocker, Royston Langdon.  Together for ten years, and married for five, the couple announced earlier this year they were splitting up. Recent rumors suggests Liv might be considering a reconciliation, for the sake of their three-year-old son, Milo.

"Having a baby was the first time in my life that I really felt proud of myself," says Liv.

"I have been acting or having people take pretty pictures of me my whole life. But having a child and creating a family was a whole other level of feeling that you really accomplished something.

"A lot has changed for me in the past year and I know much of it has to do with being a mother. For once, I was making the decision to work, it wasn't just happening. When I was younger, I worked hard, I auditioned and fought hard for the parts I wanted, but it was all sort of 'happening' to me.

"But when I went back to work, having stepped outside for a couple of years, I picked the things I wanted to work on. I was an adult choosing a profession as opposed to when I was a child."

After three and a half years off spending time with her son, Liv says she jumped at the chance to work on The Incredible Hulk.

"I always wanted to work with Edward Norton and took the part without having read the script. This was a big deal because I've never agreed to do a movie before without really knowing about the character.

"But when I finally did read the script it far exceeded my expectations. I just feel very grateful that I had so much to do and I was not just the damsel in distress."

In this action-packed adventure story Liv gives as good as she gets.

"I've made a lot of movies since I started acting at 16 and this is really the first time I've ever really done stunts," she explains.

"I actually loved it and thought I'd like to do more of that because it's such a physical challenge. I'm not totally fearless, but I'm quite brave and I love a challenge.

"However, sometimes things would be a little bit too scary and I would say, 'Wait a minute guys, it's the middle of the night and we've all been working for too many hours and I don't feel safe about this.'

"But you don't always have a choice on a movie, so it's a little bit scary sometimes."

A fan of The Incredible Hulk on TV as a child, she thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with the role of Betty Ross, the woman who loves nuclear physicist Bruce despite his terrible secret.

"It was actually one of my favorites. I think everyone thinks of the TV show as being kind of camp but I bought the box-set of the series when I was offered the movie and I thought, 'Wow that's great'. It was ahead of its time and I found it riveting."

The brunette completely understands the responsibility she has to fans of the original Hulk comic, saying: "There's that feeling of how important it is to do the best job. I wanted to be a part of the movie because I could see and understand the direction they wanted to go with it - towards the things in the television show that I connected to."

Better known for her 'elfin' kindness than bursts of diva-like passion, Liv was accused at the film's premiere by co-star Norton of being the 'anti-Hulk'.

"Oh My God. I'm not the anti-Hulk!" she exclaims. "He used to try to make me mad on the set all the time because it was impossible to make me mad. And I did get mad at him a couple of times.

"I don't get angry that much but I did get really mad the other day at a cab driver when he tried to run me and Milo over. I kicked the side of his cab and then he called me every name in the book. It was so horrible. I wished I could have turned into the Hulk at that moment and crushed him."

Five curious facts about Liv Tyler

She discovered her true father was Steve Tyler at the age of nine, after her mother had claimed that rock star Todd Rundgren was her biological dad.

Liv harbors dreams to sing. After the release of The Incredible Hulk and horror movie The Strangers she wants to be in a musical.

The actress reportedly loves sleep-overs with her dad Steve when they swop beauty cream tips.

Her favorite treat is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - straight from the fridge.

Liv is named after Ingmar Bergman's muse and widow, the actress-director Liv Ullman.

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