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Throwing A Party Like On The Hills

A very special friend of mine who used to be an editor at Vogue, and just about every other major fashion magazine in the Universe, recently emailed me a link to The Hills. Why? Whitney was wearing a headband and she asked me if I knew who designed it.

I watched the episode and locked on the headband and sent the info back. Unfortunately I got completely hooked on The Hills. I had never managed to catch the show before due to the fact that I already watch a gadzillion shows and even I eventually run out of time.

Once I caught the Hills bug I had to go back and watch all the episodes from Seasons 1 - 3. Now I am a huge fan of Lauren's, Whitney and Adrina. I know who Lo is and of course Jen, Spencer, Heidi and Elodie.

What's ironic is that is in the throes of throwing a big party like Whitney and Lauren for The Young Hollywood Event. My Marketing Guru aka The Flash, Lance and The Money Chick had all been out scouting appropriate locations for 150-200 people.

Once we found "the place" The Flash hooked up with the party planner and worked out the details for drink tickets, setting up the VIP list, getting a great DJ, decorations, gifts and food.  Yes, there is a dress code so we have to get that word out as well.

So many details to consider from whether to have Valet Parking and if not...whether there is enough parking spaces for all the guests and their Plus Ones.

We went back to the party location and had a food tasting to check out the different options and decided on finger foods like sliders and meat sticks to go with the drinks. Now we are in the process of gathering door prizes and the team is putting together gift bags with tons of coupons.

Every time I watch one of the Hills episodes where Whitney and Lauren are worrying about all the details for their party I can really related. I am constantly asking myself...what are we must be something.

Who knew that having a party was this much work?

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