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Simple Tips For Going Green

Simple tips for going green!

Kimberly Rider, Eco-Friendly designer and author of the new book “Organic Baby” Kimberly suggests the following tips to make your home and workplace more eco-friendly:

1.  Replace Old Outdoor Lights With Eco-Friendly Solar Lighting

2.  Contact your local energy provider for a green energy alternative.

3.  Air-dry clothing

4.  Substitute Bottled Water with Filtered Water

5.  Plant a Tree

6.  Recycling Old Fabrics

7.  Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs

More About Kimberly Rider

Kimberly Rider is a noted expert on creating beautiful eco-friendly designs for healthy living and founder of Atmosphera, an interior design firm dedicated to using sustainable materials in the service of healthy living, Kimberly Rider is the embodiment of modern eco-style.

Rider offers homeowners, developers and business owners alternative design solutions that gracefully integrate sustainable materials without sacrificing beauty. Her ability to deliver innovative, healthful home designs has earned Rider a loyal following across the country, as she expertly teaches how to make surroundings beautiful and nourishing – for both family and the environment.

Rider is the author of two healthy lifestyle books, including The Healthy Home Workbook. This guide incorporates ecologically-sound designs with great tips and advice that is easy to follow.

Rider’s forthcoming volume, Organic Baby: Simple Steps for Healthy Living, demonstrates how to create a toxin-free home for children, with chapters on the nursery, baby gear, personal care, food and other related topics. Each chapter of Organic Baby will educate the reader on particular healthy issues and offer do-it-yourself projects that provide innovative solutions.  An industry expert on trends in healthy cleaning and consumer purchasing of eco-friendly products, Rider has creative ideas for the whole family on how to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

With features in notable media outlets such as People Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Woman’s Day, The Dallas Morning News, and Time Magazine, Rider is involved in all aspects of media, and she is currently a regular contributing writer for Kiwi Magazine, for which each issue she designs an eco-friendly, stylish space for children. Kimberly Rider continues to find new and creative ways to provide valuable tips on how to live a sustainable, all natural lifestyle.

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