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Men's Hats - Sizing For A Perfect Fit?

I promised I'd try and figure out the whole men's hat sizing question and I have found some sites with sizing information. have just about every type a hat a man (or woman for that matter) could want. They also have a great sizing chart. According to before buying a hat, take a soft tape measure and measure around the widest part of your head where you want the head to rest. Take those measures and match to the Hat Size Chart which they provide.

In general...their Hair Size Chart includes the following measurements:

A Head Size that measures the following inches (according to

21 1/8", 21 1/2" or 21 7/8" would be a Small (S) Hat Size

22 1/4", 22 5/8 or 23" would be a Medium (M) Hat Size

22 5/8" or 23" would be a Large (L) Hat Size

23 1/2 or 23 7/8 most likely wear a Extra Large (XL) Hat Size

24 1/2 or 25" would most likely be a 2 Extra Large (2XL) Hat Size

25 1/4 or 25 1/2" would likely be a 3 Extra Large (3XL) Hat Size also provide the appropriate Head Size that matches the inches and the actual hat size. also provide a sizing chart but they take it a step further. This site sells mens and women's hats. The have a brick and mortar where you can pop in and get your head measured by free if you happen to be in Arizona. They have two stores - one in Phoenix and one in Scottsdale. Or you can order online using their measuring suggestions.

The folks at recommend the metric size as the most accurate translation of size. They say to always get the hat a little big if you measure between the sizes. The tendency of a hat is to shrink over time, not stretch. Do not start out too small. Hats will typically shrink just a little - not stretch!

After you find the correct size; consider the shape of your head. AztexHats calls this the oval. If you can usually try on the size you measure and the hat fits comfortably all around you are probably a regular oval. If hats are always tight on the sides and loose front to back you are a round oval. If hats always squeeze your forehead and there is room to spare on the sides, you're a long oval.

Cool...did you even suspect you might be an oval, round oval or long oval hat head? Me neither.

Both sides have an awesome collection of hats to choose from. And now that you know how to measure, it should solve the problem of hats that don't fit. Or does it? You tell me.

Happy head measuring.

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