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HAKANSSON launches The Scent - The Essence of Unspoiled Beauty

HÅKANSSON launches THE SCENT - The Essence of Unspoiled Beauty

HÅKANSSON - known for pure, functional, and easy-to-use skincare - has risen to new heights! Introducing the first ever alcohol-free, multi-purpose, pulse point fragrance lotion - The Scent!

(Image of The Scent from HÅKANSSON - All Rights Reserved).

HÅKANSSON'S THE SCENT is a milk-based fragrance lotion, the first of its kind to bridge the gap between skincare and perfume! With an essential oil (scent) blend in a travel-friendly, pulse point dispenser bottle, THE SCENT allows for customized application.

The absence of alcohol gives THE SCENT its concentrated formulation and versatility!

To be worn on the décolleté, nape of the neck, sensual pulse points, and blended with Håkansson Skincare to achieve greater scent depth and intensity THE SCENT can even be applied to the hair to add a soft shine as well as a fresh and fragrant aura.

Created by celebrity makeup artist Katarina Håkansson, THE SCENT was inspired by the variety of ways her own clients like to wear fragrance. Says Håkansson: ‘As a professional make-up artist, I am always acutely aware of the power of scent - especially as it relates to the skin. In creating THE SCENT, it was crucial to me that it be as fresh in form as it is in aura...'

THE SCENT is a delicate blend of fresh florals (freesia and lilac), citrus (orange and lime), soft musk, clary sage and bergamot, contained within a gentle hydrating + skin-nourishing lotion.

This summer-fresh and tactile form allows the fragrance to literally become one with the wearer, and allows a lasting quality to the aura - without ever overpowering. Traditional fragrances, with their high alcohol content, can often irritate the skin and linger unwantedly on clothes. THE SCENT becomes an intimately personal, pleasing signature of fresh, clean, unspoiled beauty.

As with all of Håkansson products, the package is clean, modern, and easy to hold and to pack. Each Scent comes packaged with an Illustration by Swedish born artist Mats Gustafson who collaborated with Hakansson to translate THE SCENT on a canvas.

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