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Verd's Radiant Bronzing Powder


As summer approaches everyone is looking for a way to enhance his or her natural tan. Verd Cosmetiqu introduces radiant, sheer and long-lasting bronzing powder for healthy, vibrant-looking skin.

Enriched with eight moisturizing extracts and oils this is one powder that feels just as good on the skin as it actually is for the skin. Is this make-up or skin care?

Verd Cosmetiqu's bronzing powder is encased in a beautiful silver compact with a mirror and separate compartment for the brush applicator. The perfect touch for any special occasion, this bronzer will illuminate the skin all day, or night, long. Because of the high quality of ingredients, it will improve the condition of the skin by moisturizing and soothing, while providing a seductive glow.

Product: Verd Bronzing Powder

Description This satin smooth and ultra-fine formula applies easily to the skin to create definition and structure. The pigment rich powders provide long-lasting colors that stay put all day.

Key Natural Ingredients

Avocado Oil – moistures and purifies the skin and contains vitamins A and E.

Shea Butter – provides moisture and protection to the delicate skin of the lips.

Evening Primrose Oil – contains vitamin F. Hydrating to the skin and helps to restore the moisture and lipid balance to dry lip conditions.

Borage Oil – an emollient herb that has a cooling and soothing effect.

Safflower Oil - contains Vitamin E and prevents skin from losing moisture.

Jojoba Oil - nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes skin.

Aloe Extract – hydrating and soothing. Helps to calm sun- burned, chapped lips.

Hybrid Sunflower Oil - hydrates and protects.

Shades: Terracotta & Suntan

Availability: Verd Cosmetiqu's is sold exclusively in professional spas and salons nationwide. To order or find a salon or boutique near you call (877) 643-7900. Visit the web at

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