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Essential to all forms of life, the influence of the sun is of prime importance. A source of energy, light and heat, with out the sun, plant and animal life would be impossible. However, over the past few years, women have become aware of the dangers of skin that is over exposed to UVA and UVB radiation.

Day after day, traumatized by a variety of permanent stress factors, the skin becomes more fragile. Traditional skin creams now offer a satisfactory solution to help prevent the appearance of visible signs of skin aging, but their effectiveness is diminished by the effects of over-exposure to sun rays.

TIME PERFECTION is the first Anti-Age cream, which owing to its sun blocking effects, protects and reinforces the anti-ageing action of its ingredients.

With a warm tint generated by its coated color pigments, TIME PERFECTION captures the light and lends subtle radiance to the complexion. TIME PERFECTION is an unprecedented day cream, formulated by VALMONT Laboratories to offer the skin, whatever the circumstances, essential protection against the effects of time.

Time Perfection
Definition Anti-Ageing, pigment enhanced day cream with UVA and UVB protection (SPF 20).
Indication For and woman who desires an Anti-Aging day cream with high-level sun protection
Method of use Every Morning, apply directly on bare skin after cleansing. Apply a small amount of TIME PERFECTION over the entire face with light sweeping movements. Repeat to achieve the desired intensity of color.
Specific properties A triple action day cream that provides Anti-Ageing properties of HP DNA, a complete and comprehensive sun protection (SPF 20) and specially coated pigments to help radiate s
Retail Price $110 US Dollars

Time perfection is the perfect cream to use year round, but is greatest for the summer because of the pigmentation.

Key active ingredients Action
HP DNA and RNA Maintains, moisturizes and stimulates skin’s essential functions.
Aloe Vera An excellent skin softener and moisturizer. Preserves skin elasticity.
Botanical polyscacharides Moisturizing and softening agents that help maintain skin softness and elasticity, while offering stressed cells a means of protection.
Bisabolol and Calendula Soothe irritated skin.
Coated pigments Light-reflecting pigments which illuminate the complexion with a warm glow.
Titanium Dioxide Mineral sunscreen that reflects sun radiation and boosts radiance and luminosity.
Vitamin A Regulates cellular metabolism
Vitamin E Highly antioxidant properties
Sunscreens Protect skin by absorbing sun radiation.

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