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Updos For Pre-Teens


Updo Model

Young ladies who have not yet reached their teens but want to achieve a special hairstyle can look to the following updo hairstyle for inspiration and a starting point.

The style include in this article offers a possible hair style for a grade school graduation, party or wedding. A Junior Bridesmaid would look stunning in this easy to create style.

The step-by-step instructions for recreating this style is included below.

Updo Instructions

This updo hairstyle requires strands that are approximately shoulder length or longer like shown on the model pictured below.

The style is best created on second day hair. If you prefer to create on newly cleansed hair be sure to prep the hair with styling creams, mousse or spray to make sure hair is easy to work with and will grip tightly.

Follow the how-to steps listed below:

Updo Model

1. Using fingers direct strands back off the face towards the back of the head right beneath the crown.

2. Use a hair friendly elastic band such as a Blax or Bungee to tightly secure all of the hair into a tight pony with the base tucked underneath the crown.

Make sure this pony is secure and not shifting or moving. If you have problems with the pony moving you may want to create two pony tails on top of each other to create a tight base.

3. Separate the ponytail into small equal sections. If you decided to create two equal ponytails then make sure all of the hair is separated into approximately equal sized strands.

4. Work on the front sections of the ponytail first.

5. Use a 1/2 to a 1" curling iron on each of the individual sections. You may wish to first prep each section with a styling spray before using the irons.

Note: Use a curling iron on the ends. Notice two to three curls are made with each end. This gives lots of detail. Use spray gel on each curl section before ironing. Decorate the ends at this point.

Updo Model

A hot curling iron rolled with tension is important to this design. If the hair is course use a wax or pomade on each section before braiding.

6. After you curl each section, re-roll the strand around your fingers and pin in place against the scalp to allow new curl to set. If you prefer you may roll the newly created curls on equal or larger sized self-adhesive rollers.

Keep in mind that the smaller the sections and the iron, the tighter the curls. The larger the section and iron, the larger the curls.

7. Along the back section you can either continue to curl the strands or create a network of braids. if there's not enough hair to create curls as well as braids you may wish to clip-in some add-on strands or pre-braided strands.

If you prefer you can make small three strand braids of any size. This depends on the time you have and detail you desire.

8. Once all of the hair has been curled and/or braided, unpin the curls in the front of the head. Use your fingers to arrange the curls into loose ringlets cascading down from the base of the ponytail or tails.

9. Arrange the braids in back of the head. You may wish to drape them as an array of ropes.

Updo Model

Draw the braids up to the top elastic and pin. Shape and arrange the curls. Notice that the shorter braids on the model's head form a sort of bun shape. The blonde model's longer hair allows the braids to loop.

Add-on braids would provide the same design.

9. Optionally you may wish to wrap braids around the base or the pony or arrange curls to camouflage them.

Hair Accessories: For this look multi-colored ball ornaments were used. They could also be of one color or of any shape. Hair sticks can be added, snap jewels or small clips.

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