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Trends in Men's Cosmetics: Interview with Seven Brown


Seven Brown

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As Grooming and Beauty Director at Bleu Magazine, Seven Brown has become an expert on the topic of all things beauty.

Her forte—skin care—has earned her the title of Lead Advanced Educator at Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics among many other honors including beauty consulting work in the areas of education and product development, and post-graduate teaching positions on the topic licensing in skincare.

Given her experience in the realm of men's grooming at Bleu Magazine, beautypress asked her to speak about the recent spike of men's cosmetics in the marketplace and to address the future of this trend.

BP: The New York Times recently reported that the men’s cosmetics market is on the rise. As the Grooming and Beauty Director of Bleu Magazine, you have probably seen this develop first hand.

What are some factors that have contributed to this?

SB: The first factor is that cosmetics today aren’t just for adding color or superficial beauty needs. Rather, they are addressing real issues and providing tangible results. The second factor is that the average person is retiring later or going back into the work force. That said, looking polished and feeling confident gives them a competitive edge.

BP Question: What kinds of products are companies now developing to respond to this trend?

SB: They are developing everything from traditional shaving cream to multi-function bronzer and eye gels. There is a greater focus specifically on the unique skin concerns and skin textures of men. Likewise, marketing has changed too: products packaging in colors and containers with men in mind. Its not just the product but also providing a unique or "discreet shopping experience" either online or tucked away in the corner of a department store.

BP Question: Women use cosmetics to enhance and beautify. Do men have different objectives?

SB: Men tend to have a two-fold objective. While looking good is a factor, it's also really about being able to solve a problem or address a specific issue.

BP Question: What are some ways for men to incorporate cosmetics into their routine (and still look manly)?

SB: Men can incorporate cosmetics into their routine quite simply in the privacy of their home or grooming at the gym after workouts. I hear shaving is a big thing in the gym, especially in the early morning.

BP Question: Where do you see this trend going? Is makeup for men here to stay?

SB: Makeup is here to stay. To be honest, make up for men never left; we just stopped talking about it. Historical records indicate men have used cosmetics for hundreds of years stemming back to ancient times. The difference is, in the American market, no one is willing to admit it.


The New York Times recently reported that the men’s cosmetics market is on the rise. Seven Brown, Grooming and Beauty Director at Bleu Magazine isn't surprised. In an interview with beautypress she explained cosmetics and "make up for me never let. We just stopped talking about it."

More About Seven Brown

In her own words she states “skin is the fabric that holds us together and reveals our true self to the world, in a nutshell… skin is the truth”. As the Lead Advanced Educator at Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics; she has created and taught licensing and post graduate education in the areas of skin care both nationally and internationally.

It was natural to write about the things that you love which led her to become Bleu Magazine’s Grooming and Beauty Director in 2007.

Ms. Brown continues to live in New York and consulting for beauty companies in the area of education and product development. Seven is also sharing her knowledge of skin care and beauty by both mentoring and public speaking to consumers, students and educators around the globe. Her ultimate goal is to demystifying the world of skin and beauty helping people express their most beautiful and true self.

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