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One of the very first articles that I wrote for in 1997 was Astrology: Cutting Your Hair By The Phase Of The Moon. If you read my original article so many years ago, you would know that I have been studying the Moon and astrology since I was in my teens. I actually started using the moon to "elect" the best times for many of my life activities, including grooming my hair, in 1975. I kept a detailed journal to trace the impact of my moon planning experiences for historical data. After one year I noticed a definite pattern pointing to successful outcomes when I used the Moon as my guide.

While I never try to force my own opinions or beliefs on anyone else, my Moon theories were put to the test by one Rick Norber in 1979. It seems that Mr. Norber, a Gemini, thought my Moon elections were a bunch of hooey. Not only was Rick an engineer, he did not believe in astrology. With a formal mediator in tow, we outlined a scientific study wherein Rick would get his hair cut for one year on the Moon dates that I recommended in advance. Since Rick wanted slow growth for his wild mane, I agreed to select dates every month that fell into the Moon's slow growth period. It was agreed to do the Norber hair trials for one year.

After three months of stunning victory, Rick was singing my Moon selection praises to all of his friends, who followed suit by jumping on the electional bandwagon. Suffice it to say that after one year the results were famous in our local St. Louis neighborhood.

Fueling My Fascination

The resounding success of the Norber hair cutting trials fueled my desire to learn more about the Moon and the principles of Electional Astrology. In 1983 I attended a major astrology conference in California and met several of the best Electional Astrologers in the United States including Diana Stone and Gilbert Navarro. After some cajoling I agreed to take a course on electing the best times for undertaking new activities. The first lesson of the course focused completely on the role that the Moon plays in planning events for success.

Stonehenge Was Built To Track The Moon

With the help of a computer scientists have determined that Stonehenge was designed to help astronomically trained priests to calculate the Summer Solstice along with the movements of the Moon and the planets. The analysis of the Moon's direction along with the prediction of solar and lunar eclipses were utilized to elect the best times for planting crops, fishing and setting sail for successful journeys. This information might not be extraordinary except for the fact that Stonehenge and similar stone circles were believed to be created sometime around 3,000 BC.

The Moon moves quickly. As a general rule the Moon only spends about 2-1/2 days in each of the twelve signs. Along the way it is continually making aspects to the slower moving planets, and very quickly moving into new aspects.

From the New Moon to the Full Moon each night the Moon is increasing the amount of light it reflects from the Sun. This is a two-week cycle when you can begin activities – especially activities relating to the sign of the New Moon.

From the Full Moon to the next New Moon, the Moon is decreasing in the amount of light it reflects. Use this two-week cycle to complete projects and wrap up loose ends. Note that the Full Moon is usually the "peak" of the cycle – it is the end of "building up" and a time for "winding down." Wait for the next New Moon to start things going again.

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