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Skin Care: Juviderm's Time Reversal


If beauty is only skin deep why not make our skin the best it can be. It is human nature to find excitement in rejuvenation and youth. Juviderm’s Time Reversal Collection capitalizes on these desires with innovative products like the Illuminating Enzyme Peel, Ginseng Revitalizer, Oxygen Environmental Defense, Intensive Cellular Repair and the Express Firming Masque.

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Together, these products fight the signs of aging by increasing elasticity and revitalization thereby diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

These unique anti-aging solutions are made possible by Juviderm’s Holisticeutical Philosophy. Thanks to groundbreaking dermatologist Dr. Maha Lesch, this novel approach to skincare uses botanical ingredients to fully enhance the medicinal effectiveness of each product. Through the dynamic interplay of these organic ingredients, the skin is able to receive the complete benefits of each formula. The Time Reversal Collection ushers in a whole new wave of phenomenal beauty products—and takes off a few years in the process.

Illuminating Enzyme Peel: This light and creamy peel combats uneven, prematurely aging skin by moisturizing and exfoliating with papaya enzymes. Ingredients like ceresin, a clay derivative, provides nutrients, while aloe vera soothes and heals the skin. This combination leaves your skin even and radiant.

Ginseng Revitalizer: Dry and aging skin is no match for this liquid treatment. Used after cleansing, a blend of ingredients are enacted to soothe, even and revitalize. Ginseng extract increases elasticity and erases fine lines. Aloe vera moisturizes and witch-hazel decreases inflammation. The result: a drastic improvement in texture and tone.

Intensive Cellular Repair: Fight extreme signs of aging with the forces of organic ingredients. Glycolic acid works as an anti-aging agent and an exfoliant while retinyl palmitate acts as an antioxidant. Put these together with the calming and healing power of chamomile and aloe vera and you will be saying goodbye to fine lines and hello to renewed skin.

Express Firming Masque: Missing tone and firmness in your skin? This mask uses its arsenal of ingredients to repair, replenish and protect. Glutamic acid heals, algae extracts work as antioxidants, chlorophyll repairs UV damage and Vitamin B nourishes. Milk proteins are also thrown into the mix to act as mild cleansers. Immediate firming of the skin is sure to follow dynamic.


Juviderm is the first and only true skin care line to explore the usage of both medicinal and botanical ingredients, creating the Holisticeutical Philosophy. Juviderm is available to salon professionals by calling toll free 1.800.939.5884.

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