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Short Hair: In The Pink With Rock's Bad Girl


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Since the beginning of history the way a person wore their hair was their way of making very personal statement about their identify.

Whether a woman adorned her hair with perfumes and jewels to attract a mate, or warriors wore their hair in fierce styles to signal their strength, the examples are endless throughout recorded history.

Hair as a personal statement continues even to our present day. 

It's commonly acknowledged that long to very long lush hair worn by women is considered soft, pretty, sensual and sexy.

Meanwhile, women who adopt short, severe or outrageous styles are often sending completely different messages.

Pink Is A Hair Trend Setter

Pink aka Alecia Beth Moore (September 8, 1979) is a Grammy Award winning American singer/songwriter.  Originally a member of Choice, a girl group, Pink began her solo career with her first single "There You Go". 

Her first single was from her debut album Can't Take Me Home which was released in 2000 and launched Pink's career.  The R&B album was certified double-platinum in the United States. 

The mega-talented performer is instantly recognized for her unorthodox and wildly outrageous hair styles. Pink initially gained fame as much for her bright fuchsia pink hued strands as she did for her music.

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Frustrated at being marketed as another cookie-cutter pop act Pink has fought hard for creative control of her work.

Determined to be unique, she broke from the pack of pop stars with her various shades of pink, red and bleached white blonde hair which she mostly wears short and choppy.  She also wrote and released a song in 2006, Stupid Girls,  mocking the pop pack she successfully ditched.

In August of this year she shocked fans and the fashion police by appearing in a gorgeous white gown and half of her platinum blonde hair shaved off.

One side of her pretty face was curtained by a soft sweep of shiny blonde strands extending directly from one side.

The front of her style appeared longer than the back where the buzzed section started. 

Although it was a risky look, Pink was willing to flaunt her edgy style in exchange for lots of media attention.  Pink seems to enjoy appearing with a series of shocking new hairstyles, colors and appearances.

Steal Pink's Hot Hair Look

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The secret to stealing Pink's latest short sassy hairstyle is to start with a great haircut from an experienced hair professional. 

If you look at Pink's hair history extending back to 2000 and putting aside her various wild color hues, she tends to favor short to super short hairstyles.

Although the music superstar has been known to wear hair extensions, for the most part she's a performer who appears to love shorter styles.

Even though Pink is famous for her bleached white blonde and various alternating pink hues, her short hair styles can work with all hair colors.

One of the advantages to this style is the wash and wear aspect, especially if your tresses are naturally straight and medium to thick. 

Before deciding to adopt Pink's super short, partially buzzed hairstyle consider your own image goals, lifestyle priorities and your hair profile such as hair type and cuticle shape (straight, wavy, curly, coily and/or frizzy). 

Steal Pink's Hair: Step By Step Instructions


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If you want to adopt Pink's latest short and partially buzzed hairstyle follow the steps listed below:

1.Wet wash detangled hair in lukewarm water with your normal cleansing formula.  Make sure to get hair wet before applying shampoo or similar.

Note:  If your hair is bleached like Pink's you may wish to opt for a moisture enhancing or hydrating shampoo.  If you prefer, you can select one designed specifically for colored and/or bleached strands.

2. Rinse shampoo completely from strands. 

Depending upon your hair texture, type and current condition use a rinse out hydrating conditioner after rinsing out the cleansing formula.
If your hair is thin or tends to be flat you may wish to avoid this step.

3. Finish the wet wash with a cool/cold water rinse.

Although there is a lot of disagreement about the advantages to this action, I personally find it really helps to close the cuticle.

4. Accordion squeeze hair to remove as much water as possible.

5. Remove excess moisture by blotting with microfiber or 100% cotten t-shirt.  Do not ruffle, rub or fluff hair with a regular towel which may damage wet strands.

For Stick Straight Strands

6. If your hair is stick straight, apply a styling mousse or gel. Finger rake and pick through your strands as you blow dry.

For Naturally Curly Or Wavy Strands

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7.  For hair which has natural wave, curl, coils or kinks, apply a cocktail of defrisant and/or straightening gel or a dab of leave-in conditioner with a straightening balm.

8.  Distribute the desired products through your damp tresses.

9. Use a boar bristle paddle or round brush while you blow-dry strands straight.

Remember to direct the hair over to one side as you blow dry. Aim the air from the dryer down the hair shaft from the roots to the ends.

Finish The Look

10. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for more hold. 

If you prefer, apply a tiny dab of shine serum into the palms of your hands.  Massage well. Lightly brush the serum enhanced palms over the top of your strands for a quick shimmer.

11. Amp up this look with spectacular earrings or other accessories. Super short hairstyles like Pink's allows you to play up your other facial features and assets.

12. Add tiny jeweled clips and/or jeweled bobbies along the front bang/fringe section to add a touch of bling if you want to dress up you look. 

Optional Looks

For a completely different finish, experiment with an array of styling products such as hair paste, wax or even a variety mousse consistencies.


With the current trend to wear hair as the ultimate accessory, you can easily pop on some clip-on extensions to channel a completely new look.

Pink is the ultimate hair trend setter. While she embraced her girly girl soft side for her recent wedding, she took back her title of wild child with her latest half shaved short short look.

Follow Pink's hair leads if you dare.

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