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Revival Soy Nuts For Glossy Strands!


Since I first met the renowned Revival Soy expert, Dr. Aaron Tabor, and his mom Suzanne (via phone) I have become healthier in my eating habits. Not only am I currently snacking on a Chocolate Peanut Butter Paradise bar for my 3:00 pm chocolate fix, I have become very attached to the Revival Soy Nuts.

(Image of Revival Soy Nuts - courtesy of Revival Soy - all rights reserved - 2006).

The truth of the matter is that with my frantically busy life I am always eating on the run. Yes, I know it's bad for me, but not only do I have difficulty getting to the grocery store, I am usually trying to juggle my Blackberry while I shop. Sometimes the Blackberry/shopping cart trick can be dangerous which I only discover when I get home and realize I bought the wrong "green stuff" instead of pre-chopped lettuce. Yuck. But it's great news for my neighborhood rabbits.

I have learned that rather than fight eternal food battles to just arm myself with lots of healthy snacks such as fresh apples, low fat popcorn and most recently Revival Soy snacks. Besides the Peanut Butter bars and the Revival Baked Pasta Soy Chips, I really love the Soy Nuts which are perfect to pack in even my smallest handbag for emergency munching.

My favorite flavors are the Chocolate Covered (what did you expect anyway?) and the Yogurt Covered. The cool little Soy Nut sample packs hold approximately 12-15 pieces which is a mere 70-75 (depending on the version) calories and approximately 4 grams of fat.

Much better than a Snickers fix. In fact, if I kowtow to a candy bar attack I cover my eyes when I unwrap the package because I don't want to spoil my feast with the guilt about the fat and calories that are undoubtedly sliding right onto my hips.

Lots of Revival Soy Nut Choices

You can also buy the fabulous Soy Nuts in other flavors besides Chocolate Covered and Yogurt.

The other flavors include Lightly Salted, Unsalted, Zesty Onion and Garlic™, Bold BBQ™, Hot Jalapẽno And Cheddar™, Honey Roasted and the Variety Pack with one samples of the eight different flavors. These little samples make great tuck-in-your-pocket snackers.

If you buy the standalone flavors they come packaged in 1 pound bags. Approximately 1/6th of a cup is equal to the same calories and fat in the little sample bags. When I run out of the samplers, I pour 1/6th of cup into a zip lock baggy to have when I hit a munchie mania phase.

I have been snacking on the Soy Nuts for a few weeks now and still love them. In fact, the chocolate flavored nuts really remind me of the Starbucks chocolate covered espresso beans that I have banned from my life from caffeine overload.

Glossy Strands

Part of the guilty pleasure of the Chocolate covered Revival Soy Nuts is the fact that they taste so great, they are healthy and they instantly knock out my cravings for those bad-for-you goodies in the snack machines. Goodbye Snickers and Lays. With the Revival nuts I honestly can avoid the entire eat-just-one challenge of potato chips.

Besides being better for my body than the less healthy snacks, soy has proved to help, over time, add to the creation of glossy and healthy strands. When I chatted with Suzanne Tabor (Dr. Tabor's mom) she confirmed that a consistent diet of Revival products over the years has contributed to her own thick, shiny gorgeous strands.

Can you believe it? A product with great crunch, a rich chocolate taste and it's good for your hair and body? It's truly a snacker's dream come true.

The Nutrition News

A serving size is 1/6th cup and has approximately 70 calories of which 37 are from Fat. Total Fat consists of 4 grams per serving and 7 grams of carbohydrates (for you low carb eaters).

Note: For additional nutritional details check out the Revival Soy site. Each of the Revival Soy Nuts may contain a slightly higher or lower caloric and fat value depending on the flavor.


Chocolate-covered: Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Liquor, Lecithin), Revival Doctor-Formulated Soy Protein (Whole Roasted Soybeans), Vanillin, Corn Syrup, Starch Gum, Soybean Oil, Confectioner�s Glaze. Contains no gluten, wheat, yeast, egg or animal products. May contain peanut traces.


The Revival Soy Nuts are truly a rich and decadent indulgence. Starting with select, fresh-roasted soy beans, the chocolate covered nuts are drenched n a blanket of fine chocolate for an exquisitely smooth yet wonderfully crunchy snack that is sure to satisfy even the most passionate of chocolate hounds.

These yummy treats are not sold in stores but only through Revival Soy. Ironically I shared these treats with a friend the other day. He was surprised that "soy" nuts could taste so fantastic and even more that I really do try the products that I review. He begged for a bag of his own but I am a notorious hoarder and told him to go do some serious mousing time at the Revival Soy site to get his own stash.

You know what they say - all's fair in love, war and the sharing of chocolate covered Revival Soy Nuts.

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