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Repair Your Hair The Healthy Way: Healthy Sexy Hair's Soy Salvation


Too much Summer sun dehydrating your hair, cooler temperatures are giving blow dryers permanent status in your morning routine and it is almost time for the high heat indoors/cold air outdoors seesaw to begin... with the seasons changing, hair wants to be rescued.

Sexy Hair Concepts' Soy Salvation from the Healthy Sexy Hair collection, pumps energy and nutrients into lifeless locks while at the same time seals in moisture and protein. Soy Salvation gives hair the strength to combat weather and environmental changes.

Soy Salvation -- Deep Treatment Hair Masque: Soy Salvation strengthens and improves hair, no matter what condition it's in. This deep hair masque treatment revitalizes normal hair and revives damaged hair. The unique combination of Soy Protein, Oatmeal and pure ingredients (smells good enough to eat!) nourished hair, giving it strength, softness and body in just five minutes.

After shampooing, simply squeeze out excess water from the hair, apply one full pack of Soy Salvation, wait five minutes and rinse thoroughly.

For a more intense treatment, wrap hair in a towel for the five minutes - the heat offers a more concentrated treatment. This complete reformation product is packaged in a box of six individual foils.

For full results, follow a six-week prescriptive program by using one pack each week. The sweet green banana fragrance is reminiscent of a tropical paradise. (Est. Suggested Retail Price: $19.00).

As part of the Sexy Hair Concepts Healthy Sexy Hair collection, Healthy Sexy Hair products include SoyMilk Shampoo, SoyMilk Conditioner, Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner, Soy Smoothie Straightening Tonic, Soy Paste Texture Pomade, Soy Fuel Power, Soy Butter, Soya Want Flat Hair, Soya Want Full Hair, Soy Salvation, Soymilk Moisture Shampoo, Soy Potion Miraculous Leave-In Treatment, Soy Gelatine Firm Holding Gel, and Soy Braiding and Sculpting Clay.

All Sexy Hair Concepts products are available in professional salons in 20 countries.

For more information on Healthy Sexy Hair and Sexy Hair Concepts, call (800) 848-3383 or visit the website at

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