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Ted Gibson is famous for his work with Angelina Jolie for the past five years. He also coifs other famous heads including, Christina Ricci, Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Joy Bryant, Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley, Claire Danes, Gabrielle Union, Debra Messing and Renee Zellweger.

Ted founded his salon in 2005. His philosophy, according to WWD Beauty Biz is "beauty is individual". 2006 estimated retail sales were $3.6 million.

His signature style, which has been documented in the media is big and sexy tresses. He builds upon classic big sexy hair and then applies his own signature twist.

As quoted in OK Magazine, Ted commented "voluminous hair never seems to go out of style".

Always adding a twist to hairstyling techniques and products, Ted informed OK Magazine of his own take on backcombing to add height. Instead of following the standard up and down backcombing motion, he recommends using a "circular motion with a fine tooth comb".

According to Ted, the circular backcombing motion gives "a better cushion at the crown and is easier to brush out even with hairspray in it". Ted proves his point about his circular teasing technique by telling OK Magazine when he uses the circular technique on Angelina "she loves it" and "after the Red Carpet she doesn't have a hard time removing the tease".

Ted told Essence Magazine that Joy Bryant makes Getting Gorgeous look easy, especially when it comes to her hair. Joy's look is very laid back but sophisticated. She doesn't want to make a fuss over her look so she sticks to a formula that works. For her its all about wearing below-the-shoulder tresses or a classic updo".

Ted highly recommends the Mason Pearson boar bristle brush. He told People Style Watch "I love the size and the way it detangles, smoothes and moves through the hair."

A haircut by the famed master costs $950 in his namesake salon - Ted Gibson located on Fifth Avenue on 23rd Street. Ted, who built his reputation by working with celebrities like Angelina Jolie will also make house calls for celebrities.

Ted Gibson Hair Styling Sheets are formulated with natural extracts and vitamins to leave hair feeling clean, refreshed and rejuvenated. They bring hair back to life and keep it protected from UV Rays. Keeps flyaways in check without weighing down fine strands.

Ted Gibson Goodnite Replenish Hair Repair Serum. A treatment serum for damaged or unbalanced hair and scalps. Conditions and strenghtens the hair shaft by filing in damaged areas. A protein rich combination of Lavender, wild orchid extract and vitamins A, B and E. A full dropper is good for an entire week's treatment. Get the ultimate in beauty sleep. This dual purpose treatment nourishes brittle, chemically treated hair while restoring balance to both oily and dry scalps so you wake up with softer more manageable hair. Wild orchid extract helps restore vitality. Ted believes antioxidents help prevent deterioration of the hair's proteins.

According to the April 2008 edition of WWD, Ted Gibson has plans to expand his beauty empire into hotel and free standing salons. He has already begun work on a Ted Gibson Salon in Miami, Florida. His beauty empire is currently estimated to be worth $10 Million.

Ted told Glamour how to create sexy waves in 20 minutes. Spritz hair with a mist made for curls - even you don't have any. Make braids above each ear, apply makeup, undo and shake this out. It transforms your hair and it lasts. Ted has done this on Anne Hathaway in a limo headed to an event.

Ted's take on hot rollers for hair? He told Real Simple Magazine "Set hot rollers in your hair while you put on your makeup. Then use a little hairspray after you take them out. You'll get an effortless wave that's fresh and sexy."

His take on hair for guys? He told Cosmopolitan Magazine "bald can be sexy" for men. He referenced David Beckham.

Ted Gibson Salon includes hair extension experts and bridal hair experts who will whip up a bridal hair rehearsal which includes a complimentary consultation with a stylist that will try on multiple bridal hair looks and will take digital photographs of each style to document. The cost starts at $120. On-location styling for the bride and three other members of the bridal party starts at $1,000.

Ted Gibson told Cosmopolitan Magazine in the March 2008 issue that "floral headbands and clips. Flowers are a Springtime favorite especially on headbands. Or sweep aside layers with a floral barrette."

Ted also spun braids into buns at the Lela Rose show. Gibson pulled models' hair in a low ponytail and loosely braided braided the length of the tail. Then he wrapped the braid around the base to create a sexy princess bun. He finished with a shine-boosting spray.

In the March 2008 issue of Health Magazine Ted Gibson called frizz "the ultimate F word". His advice? "You've got to lock it out and the best way to do that is with moisturizing products that help seal the cuticle." After showering, blot hair with a towel, and apply an emollient gel (if hair is fine), or cream for thicker curls".

Ted told Health Magazine that "ceramic and tourmaline blow dryers are kindest to hair, but more important than the type of blowdryer you use is how you handle it." Ted recommends that you "set it on medium heat so you don't scorch hair or stir up fuzz."

Snap on the nozzle to concentrate heat and help hair dry faster. Hold the hairdryer down at a 45 degree angle and dry hair section by section, using a boar bristle brush, which reduces static. "Be sure hair is completely dry; dry hair is more apt to suck in water and go haywire."

If you use a flat iron use a tool with smooth ceramic plates that don't snag strands - and work quickly. Focusing on just top and the hair around the face helps curb damage. Finish with styling cream to block our humidity."

In Allure Magazine Ted shared tips for a 10 Minute Beauty hairstyle. The celebrity hairdresser recommends twisting hair into a bun and securing it on top of your head far from the nape of the neck before working out. Pinning hair up avoids any perspiration. The heat from your head actually helps style the hair. "When you let it down after working out, you'll have a soft natural looking wave."

Ted told Better Homes & Garden readers how to prevent Winter Hair Woes. His game plan included: Shampoo less frequently, trying shampooing every other day, or longer if possible. Moisturize with hair cleansing products targeted at nourishing brittle locks. Blow dry less often or lower the heat setting on the dryer.

Jason Backe is Ted's colorist-in-chief, his business partner and his boyfriend. He is famous for his fabulous color. He was featured in a January 2008 Makeover in Elle Magazine.

Ted told Cosmopolitan Magazine "Dry winter air kills volume and shine. "Your ends also break since they're always rubbing against sweaters and scarves. His solution? Apply a deep conditioner five minutes before you get in the shower. Products penetrate better if they are applied on dry hair. Wash it out using hydrating hair followed by another dose of regular conditioner. Once a week mix a tablespoon each of lemon juice and white vinegar into your normal amount of shampoo for megawatt gleam. And wait longer between dye jobs if your hair is damaged."


You can mix one or two drops with your jojoba or coconut oil to scent your hair with. Do change the amount of jojoba (or whatever your choice) to accommodate this addition so as not to over-oil your hair in one sitting. (In a way, there's no such thing as too much oil over the course of, say, a week, but in one sitting it can be too much.) Also, I notice that when I apply more to my palms for the next application (I do about 6 applications to get all of my hair length, 3 each side) that there's a bit of buildup on my palms, so sometimes I have to pat my palms on a paper towel to remove excess so as not to apply too much oil to that section of hair.

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