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Precious Stones, Crystals & Gems For The Heart & Hair


The Hair Boutique's 1999 New Year's Resolution was to introduce new topics that encompass the topic of hair...but with fresh new ideas. In keeping with our Resolution and in honor of Valentine's Day, this article talks about the fascinating and interesting lore of precious stones, crystals and gems.

Historical Significance

From the very earliest recorded history, humans have held gems in the highest esteem. These brilliant gifts from Natures' jewelry box have had a significance that ranged far beyond the belief that these gems were to be used for adornment.

Precious gems, stones and crystals have been found in all of the graves and monuments of prehistoric peoples. This included the civilizations of the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Incas and the Montezumas.

TNsmokyqtz18k.jpg (3987 bytes)

The Magi, the wise men, the seers, mystics and astrologers of all the ages have used gems and crystals as jewelry, gifts, for healing, for protection against evil and as talismans.

Historians often debate whether the wearing of stones, crystals and gems originated as physical adornment or if it evolved from the wearing and carrying of protective talismans.

Whatever their origins or reasons gems, crystals and precious stones are highly valued in modern times as adornments for the hair and the body.

Valentines Day is traditionally symbolic of the heart, the diamond and the red ruby.

TNamethystroseSS1a.jpg (3919 bytes)

Gifts of precious gems is one of the most popular symbols of love and affection bestowed every year on February 14th.

Following in Valentine's Day popularity behind diamonds gold and silver are the red and pink colored gems. The rose quartz has been increasing in popularity in the past few years because of its beauty and color.

Crystals For Love & Friendship & Passion

Brett Bravo has written a book that looks at crystals, gems and precious stones not only as adornment for the hair and body, but as tools to open your life to love, friendship, passion and all form of spiritual satisfaction in anyone's life.

Crystal Love Secrets.JPG (63605 bytes)

Her book unlocks the mysteries of "love stones" that she believes will, when worn and used, bring you more love in your love. This is a perfect topic for Valentine's Day.

Ms. Bravo explains how the crystals and gems that she believes attracts love and intimacy can be worn and used. As she explains, "love is the greatest source of healing in the Universe". Ms. Bravo explains how wearing these gorgeous gems and crystals in your hair or on your body in the form of jewelry will attract good & positive energies into your life.

Diamonds - The Symbol of Love & Faithfulness

Many women have been valued by themselves or others by the value or size of the Diamonds that they wore in her engagement and wedding rings. The Diamond is actually a crystal that contains a very high frequency vibration. Diamonds were originally chosen as the "love crystal" on a subconscious level by humans only a very short time ago.

TNherkimer14kRG.jpg (4947 bytes)
Underneath the materialistic, somewhat capitalistic, business-profit motive lies the metaphysical meaning of the Diamond. It is the hardest natural substance known to exist on Earth. It is durable. When it is faceted and polished it refracts every cosmic light ray in our Universe. It was chosen for the symbol of promises of faithfulness, steadfastness and honor. It is such a high-frequency crystal that it does not even need to be large because it is so powerful. The symbol of the Diamond is for a durable, strong bond between two lovers or partners. Unfortunately at times this long held symbology of the diamond is lost in materialism.

While Diamonds are most valued as rings to symbolize the joining of two people, it achieves the same benefit of attracting faithfulness and honor when worn in the hair or in other forms of jewelry. Cameron Diaz recently demonstrated the beauty of diamonds for the hair when she adorned her short hairdo with a stunning diamond butterfly barrette for last year's Academy Awards ceremony.

For more information on diamonds check out the books listed at the end of this article from

Amethyst Crystals

Shown in the photo below is a magnificant Amethyst Generator Point that would be a very valuable addition to any crystal collection and a good Valentine's gift.

TNamethystgen2a.jpg (5522 bytes)

The Amethyst is a popular gemstone that is widely recognized by many as one of the love crystals since it will add to overall harmony, love and synastry in any relationship. The Amethyst is highly valued and looks magnificant as a standalone generator (as shown above) or used in hair or body jewelry.

The Amethyst is the symbol of forgiveness. The Amethyst is medium purple in color. A good piece of Amethyst will contain many vails that produce rainbows and add to the overall visual beauty of this polished generator crystal.

Love Crystals

The following table provides a list of the most commong "love" crystals that provide different forms of love and healing. Some of the stones symbolize and attract physical passion while others attract more spiritual love. These stones can be worn in the hair, on the body or carried as talismans.

Crystal/Gem/Precious Stone


Amethyst Forgiveness
Azurite/Malachite/Chrysocolla Friendship
Emerald Truth & Honesty
Red Garnet Sexual Attraction
Gold Masculine Energy & Attraction
Hematite Strength
Kunzite Unconditional Love
Larimar Family Connection
Mexican Fire Opal Erotic Love
Black Onyz Surrender to Unseen Help
Smokey Quartz Self Love
Rose Quartz Self Love & Gentleness
Rhodochrosite Personal Charisma
Rhodonite Sweetness & Balance
Ruby Passion
Silver Feminine Energy
Sugilite Fear Turned to Love
Black Tourmaline Self Discovery


This is one of the most magical of the stones. One of the very earliest allusions in literature to the ornamental use of amber actually appears in Homer's Odyssey.

From Homer: "Received a golden necklace, richly wrought, and set with amber beads, that glowed as if with sunshine. To Eurydamas there came a pair of ear-rings, each a triple gem, Daintily fashioned and of exquisite grace. Two servants bore them." Eurymachus

Amber was not only one of the first substances used by mankind for jewelry and decoration but was also used as powerful amulets for protection and well-being.

Amber is also symbolic of the power of the Sun and golden stones were referred to as the "juice" or essence of the brilliant rays of the setting sun. Amber was worn in all forms of jewelry from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and in the hair.

To read more about Amber or any of the other precious gems mentioned in this article do to and do a search on crystals, gemstones or the specific stones you are attracted to.

Where To Buy Smokey Quartz Heart

Don't forget to visit the Hair Boutique's friends at New Spirit Jewelers to buy the smokey quartz heart displayed above or to check out their other gorgeous precious stone jewelry.

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Books On Related Topics is loaded with books on Crystals, Precious Gems and Stones. Here are a few of my favorites:


The Book of Sacred Stones: Fact & Fallacy In The Crystal World by Barbara G. Walker, Werner P. Brodde.

This book debunks various myths behind different crystals & stones. Walker explains why some stones have special powers and are good for healing and meditation. Over 250 different illustrated entries outline the history, mythology and attributes of each of the stones and gems that are covered in the book.

Buy the Book


Healing With Gemstones and Crystals by Diane Stein

Healing with Gemstones and Crystals provides a complete guide to healing the body, mind, and spirit with the aid of gemstones and crystals. Diane Stein is one of my favorite authors that focuses on healing. She also has other books dedicated to women's health issues which are excellent. This book packs a wealth of information and instructions on every page.

Buy the Book


Stone Power by Dorothee L. Mella

This book is concise and very informative. It provides a good overview on each stone by describing color, hardness, healing properties. Details are also provided on how each of the stones were used in ancient times. This is a great "first book" when beginning to study precious gems, stones and crystals.

Buy the Book


Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham.

The late Scott Cunningham was a wonderful researcher, writer and expert on crystals and gems. Scott had a remarkable talent for compiling information into clear and readable accounts, such as his works on herbs,oils, incense, foods, etc. This book offers an exhaustive encyclopedia about the magical properties of gems and precious metals. He provides a succinct history of the uses of each stone, its folklore, the deities it represents, and its magical uses. One of my own personal favorites.

Buy the Book


Gems, crystals and precious stones have been worn through the ages as all types of physical adornments. These beautiful creations from Nature not only provide gorgeous works of jewelry for the hair and the body, but they have their own symbolism ranging from passion with the Ruby to the masculine energies of Gold and the feminine energies of Silver.

Whether you believe that crystals and gems provide more than beautiful pieces of jewelry or not, is something only you can investigate and decide for yourself.

Whatever your beliefs, it is a rare loved one who would not welcome a beautiful precious stones as a symbol of your affection on February 14th.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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