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Phytotherathrie: The Man Behind The Blue Leaf

Introduction was recently honored to be able to add the complete Phytotherathrie (fee-toe-tay-rahy-tree) line to our online store. The Phytotherathrie logo is a beautiful blue leaf shown to the side. This article explores the man behind this incredible hair care line.

The Phytotherathrie product line was created by Patrick Ales, founder and innovator of hair care through plants. Patrick began his career as a hairdresser. At that time, more than twenty-five years ago, the style of the hair was more important than the actual condition of the hair being coiffed. There was a severe lack of conditioning products and most shampoos were composed of aggressive detergents. Mr. Ales recognized the need for hair care products to nourish and condition hair rather than strip the hair of its natural and protective elements.

By chance, Patrick had just purchased a hours in Haute Provence and its previous owners had left containers filled with dried herbs and flowers. With this discovery, he developed an immediate and passionate curiosity for plants and their secrets and soon linked the beneficial properties of plants to hair care. Today, the house in Haute Provence has grown to include a cultivation center where vegetation remains undisturbed and many species of plants are being acclimated. These plants are carefully monitored at each stage of growth and development to ensure the quality of the supply of raw materials for production. In addition, Mr. Ales created the Lienne d'Ales Arboretum in 1992, devoted to botanical research and histology of plant species.

Mr. Ales is a perfectionist regarding the importance of the concept and manufacturing of his products. He believes that a product can always be improved. Scientific techniques used at the factory and research laboratories insure rigorous quality controls: analytical, bacteriological, innocuous, and clinical. He works in collaboration with researchers from France's National Center of Scientific Research, The Universities of Pharmacy, Physicians and Dermatologists, and independent pharmacists and chemical engineers specializing in botanical research. The medical field has recognized the proven effectiveness of the products through clinical studies and Phytotherathrie products are most often prescribed by dermatologist.

Also, the Health Ministry in France has given special recognition to the products.

Mr. Ales was initially jet with skepticism and doubt regarding his research. Today, every leading company in the hair care market recognizes the validity and success of plant-based products and manufactures its own. The Phytosolba Laboratories were the first to introduce sunscreen capillary products in 1975 and to label products by hair type. Today, hairdressers and consumers alike regard Phytotherathrie as a leader in the hair care market.

Patrick Ales still owns a prestigious salon located on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, parallel to Avenue Montaigne. His clientele has been loyal to him for over thirty years and is comprised of famous actors and well-known personalities. (Romain, Style Director of the salon, is in constant demand for couture shows and editorial shoots).

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