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Pearls for the Girl on the Go


Jennifer Lopez All Rights Reserved

You're waking up after a 6-hour flight and a late night in a new destination and you can't seem to find your fresh cucumber slices to place over those tired eyes.

The creator of the celebrity favorite, Pearl Ice eye mask, elite Model INKA, is launching a NEW travel eye mask. The compact shape of the new Pearl Ice TO GO allows for easy mobility so you're never without the one beauty tool that divas depend on for fabulous, fresh eyes.

Pearl Ice TO GO is the ideal for the jet setter, workaholic, late-night lounger or just plain sleep-deprived shop-aholic. Anyone and everyone who suffers from tired, puffy eyes will adore this handy travel companion. Just pop the mask into your Hotel room mini-bar or personal cooler for thirty minutes and your eye mask is ready to wear.

Hundred of glass pearls make the Pearl Ice eye mask so unique. The glass pearls are enclosed within a transparent sea blue skin made from ultra-soft, allergen free, FDA-approved surgical-grade plastic.

The pearls move freely within the mask allow it to gently shape to the contour of your face. The innovative design of Pearl Ice TO GO allows for weight to be distributed evenly over your eyelids for maximum comfort and results.

Molly Sims All Rights Reserved

Unlike other conventional cooling masks that are made of rigid plastic and can freeze solid, the new Pearl Ice TO GO easily conforms to the delicate area around the eyes without fear of freezing, leaking, tearing or breaking.

Celebrity List

Jennifer Lopez Pop Star - Purchased 20 for herself and her staff

Molly Sims Model & Host of MTV House of Style Heidi Klum Supermodel Ana Gasteyer Cast member, Saturday Night Live

Veronica Webb Supermodel/Actress

Where To Purchase

Pearl Ice TO GO retails for $22.00 and can be purchased on the web at or at many fine retailers including: Henri Bendel (NY), Jeffrey (NY), Zitomer (NY), Fred Segals, Santa Monica (CA), Estee Lauder Spas, Plaza Spa (NY), Sun Spa (NY), GLO (CO), Ole Hendricksen (L.A.), L.A. Sports Clubs (L.A.), Susan Ciminelli Spas (NYC/Hamptons), Luxe Longe (FL), Celadon Spa (DC), Philip K Thomas (Dallas).

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