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Pamela Anderson & Tom Everett Scott Stacked Fox/TV 2005

Beautiful blonde star Pamela Denise Anderson is taking yet another step on her acting career path as she prepares to make make debut as the star of the new comedy "Stacked" on Fox/TX on Wednesday, April 13, 2005.

The premise of the show, which debuts in its regular time period on Wednesday, April 13 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) is built around the idea that you can't judge a book by its cover, especially when it's only covered by a miniskirt and a teeny tiny baby-tee.

The Stacked comedy is built around beautiful Skyler Dayton (Pamela Anderson) who is tired of her non-stop partying lifestyle and bad choices in men.

Deciding she wants a major change, she wanders into "The Stacks" which is a small family-run bookstore owned by Gavin Dewitt, played by Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do, ER) and his brother, Stuart (Brian Scolaro (Three Sisters).

As you can imagine, when Skyler does wander into the bookstore she makes a huge impression and this sets the stage for the entire show.

Pamela Anderson & Tom Everett Scott Stacked Fox/TV 2005

Divorced and unlucky in love himself, owner Gavin is inclined to regard Skyler as just the embodiment of the vacuous, image-obsessed culture he has grown to abhor.

Brother Stuart, however is dazzled by Skyler's beauty and much to Gavin's horror and shock, offers her a job on the spot.

Skyler happily accepts as her first step in building a better life. When opportunity knocks, she opens the door and walks right in.

Unhappy that she's going to be minding the till next to such an intimidating bombshell is the store's sole other employee, Katrina (Marissa Jaret Winokur, "Hairspray"), who doles out doses of realism and cynicism.

Marissa Jaret Winokur as Katrina proves to be a great antagonist for Pamela's Skyler. It is a brilliant pairing of brains versus beauty.

Rounding out the characters is the store's one steady customer, Harold March (Christopher Lloyd, "Taxi", "Back to the Future"), a preeminent but retired rocket scientist.

Pamela's Hair Secrets

Pamela Anderson & Tom Everett Scott Stacked Fox/TV 2005

Since Pamela's character is viewed as a blonde bombshell, she wears her hair long, loose and very blonde in keeping with her image. Her clothing is designed to leave virtually nothing to the imagination.

In Stacked part of Pamela's secret to getting an instant job offer is the bookstore is her long blonde tresses which of course has always been a major part of her charm.

Not only am I constantly impressed and amazed at the array of gorgeous hairstyles and blonde hues that Pamela appears in, I will never forget a story that her celebrity hairdresser, Ken Paves told me about the very successful star.

I remember asking Ken for Pamela's hair secrets on more than one occasion. I was dying to know the exact color of her blonde hues which range from rich cream to glamorous golden. I remember how dismayed I was when Ken told me that "Pamela does her own hair color".

Huh? Did I hear that right? Yes. In fact, not only did she do her own hair color, she bought it at the drugstore in a popular brand that is top secret.

Why is it top secret? Because Pamela doesn't want to mislead her fans in any way and she worries if they use the same hair color as she does and don't achieve the same blonde results they will be unhappy.

Pamela's Career Notes

Pamela Anderson & Tom Everett Scott Stacked Fox/TV 2005

Pam's career has become the stuff of legends although she appeared in 1984's Crimes of Passion (China Blue) as a prostitute with Anthony Perkins and Kathleen Turner, her career didn't really take off until the Labatt's beer incident.

Pamela was discovered in 1989 when she went to a Canadian Football League (CFL) wearing a Labatt's beer T-shirt. The lovely Pamela was spotted by a roaming cameraman who projected her smiling face on screen which caused the stadium to erupt with fan approval. Labatt's hired Pam to represent their beer and her career was begun.

Shortly after the Labatt's beer incident Pam was discovered by a freelance photographer from Vancouver who hooked her up with Playboy.

Pamela played the movie role of a "Party Guest" in Some Kind Of Wonderful, a teen favorite of 1987.

Moving to California in 1989, Pam was soon shooting the October 1989 cover. Through the years Pam has appeared many times on Playboy and has done specialized Playboy projects including calendars and video shoots.

In 1991 she appeared on Fox TV's Married With Children as Al's dream girl known as Cashew.

From Playboy Pam moved to small acting roles on Married with Children and then became the Tool-Time-Girl on ABC's hit series Home Improvement.

From her small role on Home Improvement she landed her most famous role on Baywatch as C.J. (Casey Jean) Parker. She was discovered by David Hasslehoff who loved the Home Improvement show.

Besides her work in Home Improvement and Baywatch, Pam had an uncredited role in The Taking Of Beverly Hills, which was not successful at the box office. Her role as Felicity in the movie thriller Snapdragon has become a cult classic. In 1994 Pam played Sarah in the HBO Movie, Raw Justice. In 1995 she assumed the role of Velda in the Mickey Spillane detective series known as Mike Hammer. She also had a part as a sculptor/artist in a TV movie - The Evolution of Mr. E - which was adapted from the H.G. Wells book.

1995 also saw her in a cable TV special directed by Baywatch director Lyndon Cubbuk. Pamela stared as Britt, a sexy sculptor whose best work is done in a pair of overalls. This was Pamela's most sIexual role. At one point in the movie, she pours white creamy plaster all over Elizabeth Low and then rubs it into her breasts, hips and thighs.

Pamela is almost as famous for her controversial marriages as she is for her famous blonde tresses and her various acting roles. In 1995 Pam married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee who she first met in New Year's Eve in 1994 when he walked over and licked her face at a party they were both attending. Before they could go on an official date Pam flew off to Cancun, Mexico to model for a sun-tan lotion line and Tommy followed her. At four days of courting and parties the two suddenly married on a beach with Pam wearing a white bikini and Tommy wearing shorts. The two had wedding rings tattooed on their fingers. Pam's said "Tommy's" and Tommy's said "Pamela's". For fun they remarried in silver space suits surrounded by friends. They also renewed their wedding in Venice, Italy in December of 1995.

After her sudden marriage to Tommy Lee, the former husband of Heather Locklear, Pam accepted a very controversial role in Barb Wire for Dark Horse Comics. The movie featured a song written by Tommy called "Planet Boom". The film did not do well at the box office and caused personal loss for Pam. During the filming of Barb Wire the blonde beauty had a miscarriage. She was also filming Baywatch at the same time and stress was blamed for Pam losing her baby.

The love match between Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Lee ended in divorce on November 19, 1996. In 1997 she appeard in the movie Dumped. In 1998 a video of Pam and Tommy Lee's Honeymoon was released which showed graphic scenes between the couple.

From 1998 until 2001 Pam starred on V.I.P. for TV.


Stacked is a 20th Century Fox Television production. Steven Levitan and Jeffrey Richman serve as executive producers. Heide Perlman and Stephen Lloyd are co-executive producers.

Note: Stacked was cancelled at the end of the season.

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