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Naturally Curly Confessions


Julia Stiles

I adored naturally curly haired Julia Stiles in "Ten Things I Hate About You." She rocked her natural texture in Ten Things which made the film even better.

The actress is known for her beauty and in 2001 People magazine voted her one of the '50 Most Beautiful People'.

Last season she was the special guest star on Showtime's "Dexter" and showcased a range of hairstyles which worked perfectly with her long blonde natural curly hair texture.

While Julia loves to show off her natural curls, she also switches things up and wears her hair in a range of hairstyles from bone straight to beachy waves, ponytails, knots and chignons. Julia also looks glam when she wears a variety of braids.

Unlike lots of naturally curly haired celebrities, Julia is very upfront about her au natural ringlets. She told when asked if she had natural curls "I finally learned to embrace my curls."

She has been upfront about the fact that she trusts her hair to the natural curl experts at Devachan in New York. She has also spoken highly of Devacurl products which were designed for natural curls, coils, ringlets and similar.

Julia Stiles

Besides Devachan you might bump into her at the Oscar Blandi salon where she works with Jennifer.

Julia also works with stylist Tracey Mouton whose philosophy is all about authenticity and staying true to her client's. Which tracks perfectly with Julia's desire to flaunt her natural hair texture.

While many celebrities keep their natural curls a deep dark secret

Ten Things To Know About Julia's Natural Curls

It's apparent Julia Stiles lives by the following naturally curly tressed commandments

1. Don't Fight Your Natural Curls

The beautiful blonde actress with long blonde tresses understands the importance of embracing her curls and not investing time and energy fighting nature. She has told the media that she embraces her natural hair texture.

2. Locate A Great Natural Curl Expert

Julia Stiles

Julia goes to Devachan in New York which is one of the top salons known for their expertise and success with natural curls.

3. Use Products For Your Hair Type & Texture

It's a given that high humidity and bad weather can cause the danger of frizz and puffy hair, but with use of the proper products and styling techniques custom designed for your natural texture you can embrace your curls and minimize the dreaded frizzies.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Although it's unclear what cleansing system Julia uses on her natural curls, if she goes to Devachan and uses DevaCurl it's very likely the star understands the importance of using moisturizing products on her tresses to address the natural dryness of curls.

5. Change Up Your Hair Style If You Wish

Although some curl experts advise against altering your natural curl pattern, if you want to change up your hairstyle then feel free to experiment. Julia alters her natural curls by wearing her hair with beachy waves, an array of updos and stick straight.

6. Air Dry Whenever Possible

Based on some of the photos of Julia in a casual setting it's obvious she allows her hair to air dry which is a great way to prevent heat damage. A blow dryer, when used improperly can be damaging for natural curls.

7. Diffusing Is Great For Embracing Natural Curls

8. Curls Often Look Better When Worn Shoulder Length

Curls need length to weigh them down, so women with curly hair tend look best with hair that grows below the shoulders. When I say "below the shoulders" I mean when hair is dry.

9. Avoid Layers

Curly hair tends to look best with layers cut into it. Without layers, curly hair tends to resemble a Christmas tree. I almost always advise women to seek out stylists who are experienced in cutting curly hair. This can be daunting, I know, because if you call a salon and ask for such a thing you'll likely be assured that all the stylists can cut curly hair.

10. Forehead Fringes Are Not Compatible With Natural Curls

Remember when actress Kerri Russell cut off her famous long, curly locks and the public went ballistic? Turns out her long hair was beloved and she just didn't look so great with short hair. The problem with short hair on curly women is that short hair doesn't look good. That's all a matter of face shape. The fact is short hair tends to be poofy.


Big hair is making a huge comeback on the fashion and celebrity runways. Watch for big hair to continue to explode for the rest of 2006. If you want to go retro, give big hair a whirl. Whether you go for a traditional beehive, a bouffant or a combination of an up/down style the options are limited only by your imagination and your willingness to tease your hair into a tower of strand submission.

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