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More Hair Recipes: Grow Hair With Black Sesame Seeds


It's a well-known fact that growing long, healthy and beautiful hair requires a lot of different factors.

Tao Of BeautyNot only does your body need to be nutritionally balanced, it also needs to have the proper balance of  lifestyle, hydration, sleep and supplements, to name just a few of the key factors

I started received regular acupuncture treatments in 1983. 

Since that point in time I've become a huge believer in the value of  acupunture as well as Chinese herbs for achieving optimal health for my body, skin and hair.

Many years ago, in my search for healthy hair growth inspiration, I discovered an excellent book which addressed hair and beauty issues from the Chinese viewpoint.

The Tao Of Beauty, (pronounced Dow) written by Helen Lee, provides many inspirational beauty secrets which originated thousands of years old in China.

The author, Helen Lee, spent two decades as a student of Chinese herbal practices.  She's also a Ford fashion model and very knowledgeable about hair, skin and similar beauty challenges. 

She has a wonderful and balanced understanding of both Eastern and Western beauty treatments.

Eat Your Way To Great Hair

Black Bean SoupHelen provides five different Chinese soup recipes for growing great, healthy hair. 

She explains how the Chinese believe that soup is the first step to robust health.

The hair healthy soups are very tasty as well as nutritionally balanced. 

They definitely assist with  growing healthy, beautiful hair. 

In order to reap the maximum benefits, all the soups must be made fresh with the best possible ingredients.

Although I've personally tried all of of the delicious soups in Helen's book I personally enjoyed
the Black Sesame Seed Soup (sesame tong sui) best.  

A Surprisingly Versatile Soup

It's a surprisingly versatile soup which can be eaten alone, as a snack or even as a dessert. 

This soup is a popular east-Asian and Chinese dessert widely available throughout China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

It's typically served hot.  In Cantonese cuisine it takes the form of tong sui, or sweet soup (similar to Western pudding), with greater viscosity.

Additional ingredients are often added to this soup such as:

caviar, millet, black rice, barley, corn, black beans, red beans, soy beans, yam or other whole grains.

Black Sesame Seed Soup

The Black Sesame Seed Soup was easy to make, tasted delicious and included very hair healthy ingredients.  It helps that all the ingredients must be purchased fresh, which adds to the delicious flavor of the finished soup.

Long term consumption of the Chinese Black Sesame Seed Soup will definitely help to beautify the scalp, roots and the hair. 

Additionally, it provides excellent skin benefits.

Hair Growing Black Sesame Soup Ingredients

The soup requires one cup of the following ingredients in separate containers:
  • uncooked long-grain white rice
  • black sesame seeds

Have one tablespoon of sugar or other desired sweetener available to add to the mixture. 
If  you prefer the soup sweeter, add more to your taste.

Tangyuan is sometimes added into black sesame soup.

Black Sesame Seed Soup Directions

Wash and drain the rice and the sesame seeds in separate containers.

Stir-fry the sesames seeds in a dry skillet over low heat for approximately 5 minutes (or until the heat releases their fragrance). Be careful to not let the seeds burn.

Grind the rice and toasted seeds with 1/4 cup of room temperature water in a blender or food processor.

Note: I personally prefer to use Spring water with my soup. Feel free to use whatever water that you prefer.

Pour the blended mixture plus an additional 1 3/4 cups of water into a medium-sized saucepan.

Cook over medium heat for approximately 10 minutes, stirring often to avoid burning.  Add sugar as desired to taste.  Consume immediately.

Other Hair Healthy Recipes

 Chapter 6 of The Tao Of Beauty continues all five different hair beautifying and growing soups.  

The hair healthy soup recipes include:

  • Black Sesame Seed Soup
  • Peanut-Seaweed Soup
  • Red Beans With Ribs Soup
  • Walnut Chicken with Wolfberries
  • Walnut-Lamb Stew

Other Hair Care Recipes

I personally love the idea of eating my way to healthy hair.   I really appreciate how Helen's book has provided some great new hair care recipes which you can try both externally as well as internally.

Helen also provides a great scalp massage oil recipe, a dandruff-fighting scalp tonic and a basic recipe for flaxseed styling gel which I really enjoyed.

Foods To Avoid For Growing Healthy Hair

Besides all of her great healthy hair soup recipes Helen provides a list of foods to avoid which may not be advantageous to consume when focused on growing healthy hair.

Some of the foods to avoid include, but aren't limited to coffee, caffeine drinks or similar products and red meat, to name just a few on her list.

I've always believed what I put into my body is just as important as what I put onto my hair.  This is true in terms of the results I achieve with my hair and skin.

Hair Growth Is Determined Primarily By Genetics

Although the ingredients in Helen's different hair healthy soups are chock full of known ingredients helpful to growing healthy hair. 

It's important to note there is no scientific studies or data to absolutely prove that any of the soups will actually grow hair. 

There is also no proof and/or promise eating any of the soups will  accelerate the hair's natural genetic growth rate.

Always Consult With Your Primary Health Care Physician

There are very few topical treatments which have scientific backing when it comes to hair growth aside from Rogaine, prescription Procepia pills, and other treatments that might be prescribed by your medica professional. The rate your hair grows is primarily determined by genetics.

As always, proceed at your own risk. 

Always check with your  primary health care physician before you take any type of herbs or supplements which may impact any health care programs you're currently following.

This article is designed for informational and entertainment purposes only. 

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