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Maria Sharapova Matt Leinart Foundation Celebrity Bowling Night 07-12-07

Two time Grand Slam Tennis Championship winner Maria Sharapova (Share-ah-poe-va) was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres talk show on December 21st.

Born on April 19, 1987 in Nyagan, a town in the Siberian region of Russia, the gorgeous leggy blonde seems to be more American teen than world famous Russian racket diva.

The young blonde tennis star has been compared to another famous Russian tennis star Anna Kornikova, although Anna has been less successful at winning championships than Maria.

Maria Sharapova Matt Leinart Foundation Celebrity Bowling Night 07-12-07

When she first appeared from the wings I was stunned at how tall she really is when she glided across the stage to greet Ellen.

Maria initially told Ellen "I feel like I feel like I need to dance" and appeared to be ready to boogie. Instead she gave Ellen a big hug.

Ellen asked the long, lanky sports star how tall she really is, making a point by standing in her chair to great the young lovely. Pointing out her stiletto heels, Maria explained she "is 6'2" normally" but with "3" of heels she is actually 6'5" with the added inches".

Basically Maria towered over Ellen. Maria said "I'm sorry" for being so tall and Ellen said "thanks a lot". At first glance it is hard to believe Maria isn't a supermodel rather than a tennis superstar.

Maria Sharapova 2007 ESPY Awards 07-11-07

She looked stunning on Ellen's show wearing a very short, light and airy, above-the-knee dress showing off a great pair of legs. The dress was set off by a very chic belt.

She wore her butter blonde hair in a shoulder skimming shiny bob with below-the-eyebrow feathered bangs. The style suited Maria's face nicely. It appears Maria has fine tresses which are very silky.

Maria Sharapova 2007 ESPY Awards 07-11-07

Note: For more tips on straightening bangs read Bangs - The Straight Scoop.

Although Maria didn't discuss her beautiful blonde strands on Ellen's show, she did talk about her amazing career in tennis which started at the tender age of four.

Originally she was influenced to play tennis by her father Yuri who was basically "a fan of the sport, and loved to play with friends on a recreational basis".

Maria told Ellen she "loved picking up the racket, playing with other kids and just the fact of hitting the tennis ball". She enjoyed "just the experience of hitting the balls against the wall. She said "the tennis ball amazed her".

When she was five years old she was in Moscow at an exhibition at the same time as tennis great Martina Navratilova who was amazed by Maria's obvious talent. Martina recommended Yuri take his daughter to the world famous Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida.

How could anyone ignore the recommendation of a major tennis player like Martina?

Shortly after meeting Martina the seven year old budding young tennis star and her father "left Russia for the United States, landing in Miami, Florida where neither of them spoke a word of English" although Maria told Ellen she could say "Cat" which she noted was one of those fun little words in the books.

Maria Sharapova 2007 Vanity Fair Oscar Party 02-25-07

They "were a little lost and really didn't have a set place they were going when they arrived". She said it was "just her and her dad and it was a huge deal."

Maria told Ellen she and her father basically just showed up at the Tennis Academy finding it on their own and knocking on the gates, which was an interesting story, and asked if she could practice there. They said yes she could and a new relationship was formed and "it has been her home base ever since".

Maria Sharapova US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards 04-26-06

Although it's true that Maria spent much of her life in Florida, she has since moved to California and hangs out with Hollywood celebs. She has told the press her best friend is actress Camilla Belle.

From Bollettiereri she launched her tennis career in the United States even though she has retained her Russian citizenship and is in talks to play for the Russian team in the Olympics.

Maria also told Ellen she was "not able to see her mom for two years because initially she was not able to come" initially with Yuri and his daughter.

Ellen and Maria discussed her rigorous training schedule, fitness workouts and foot drills. She told Ellen that you have to keep practicing and working out to stay competitive even though Ellen commented that Maria has such a natural talent.

Maria Sharapova The Women's Sports Foundation Presents The Billies 04-20-06

Maria told Ellen "the older you get, the more injured you get." She reported to Ellen that she plays approximately "six days a week" and for the last month she has been "training 5 hours a day almost every single day and does fitness and footwork drills".

If you "have an injury you have to take care of it, you have to treat it, you have to have two hour massages" she told Ellen and "definitely not the type of massages you get at a luxury spa".

Ellen asked "are you single, are you seeing someone?" and Maria responded with "you know, I don't talk about that.

Ellen said "and you're with Andy Roddick, right" and Maria repeated she didn't wish to talk about it but Ellen tried to trick her by saying "well Andy told me you all were seeing each other and Maria seemed shocked but laughed and said "Oh Wow?"and when Ellen confessed she was kidding, Maria told Ellen "that's another thing he says, he talks a lot".

She is traveling all the time and its hard to have a relationship when you are on the road all the time.

When the topic of Maria's reported relationship with Andy Rodderick came up, she told Ellen she doesn't talk about her relationships which is not even relevant because she is twenty years old and travels all the time and doesn't have a lot of time for a relationship.

Maria Sharapova 13th Annual ESPY Awards - Arrivals 07-13-05

She discussed her series of TV commercials and related advertisements for Canon which she explained is part of an "amazing partnership" with Canon which has been ongoing for three years and has recently was extended for three more years.

Maria told Ellen that the adorable dog in the Canon commercial is actually her dog Dulce.

As far as her hair goes, Maria told Inside Tennis in September of 2007 that her hairdo, like the one she wore on Ellen is a “tailored chic look,” and she claims it is the “shortest ponytail ever.”

During that same interview she noted she may actually "cut another few inches off her blonde mane". She states she likes to "change it up". She even said "maybe I'll be Posh (Victoria Beckham), in reference to Victoria's very short bob, known as the Pob.

When Maria is doing battle on the courts she almost always wears her hair in some form of a ponytail. She is famous for dressing up many of her ponytails with sassy barrettes and clips. She also favors sleeper style clips to hold the sides of her back off her face.

Although she wears a variety of tennis style caps on the courts she favors sassy caps off the courts as well.

Maria's Hair Secrets

Depending on the angle Maria is facing her face shape appears to have some elements of a heart shape with squared jaws. Her chin is not as pointed as most classic heart shaped faces but it does have a prominence.

Although she was wearing gorgeous over-the-eyebrow bangs in a straight line across her forehead on Ellen's show which made her big beautiful eyes pop, Maria tends to wear her bangs swept to the side of her stunning face.

Maria also tends to wear her fine hair in long straight styles pulled up in ponytails or soft buns. The length of her hair has gone up and down but currently it is just below her shoulders. Even though she generally wears her hair long and straight, for special events she has appeared in long sensuous styles with lush cascading waves.

Step By Step Instructions

Maria Sharapova GQ Celebrates 2004's Men Of The Year 12-02-04

Maria looked stunning at the GQ Celebration For Men Of The Year in 2004. She wore a gorgeous long wave infused hair style with side-swept bangs. The upper panels of hair merged together in perfect harmony.

What is fabulous about this dressy hairstyle besides the perfect symmetry of the side-swept bangs and sides is the way the hairstyle combines sultry sophistication with sassy sexiness. This side-swept long style is pure Hollywood. And afterall, Maria lives in Hollywood now.

Could this style be any more gorgeous? Even better, the side-swept bangs balance Maria's face shape nicely.

This style works well with all face shapes ranging from oval and round to square, rectangular, heart, pear, diamond and triangular. If a particular face type seems incompatible, with some tweaking, the style can be adjusted to work perfectly.

How can this hair style be re-created?

Maria Sharapova World Premiere of "Wimbledon" 09-13-04

Follow the steps listed below to recreate this sophisticated style:

1. Shampoo hair and apply rinse out conditioner. If hair is highlighted or colored be sure to use shampoo designed to protect delicate strands. 2. Finish with a cool water rinse. 3. Towel blot to remove excess moisture. 4. Apply appropriate detangler and/or styling cocktails (defrisants, mousse, cream). 5. Detangle hair completely working from the ends up towards the roots. 6. While hair is still damp, create side part using rattail end of comb. 7. Separate bang hair into individual sections and blow dry with a round boar's brush and a blow-dryer. Roll hair around brush to enhance wave formations. 8. Separate the remainder of the hair into individual 2" sections and blow dry with a long finger diffuser. Allow strands to nestle into the basin of the diffuser for maximum wave formation. 9. When hair is completely dry separate into 2" sections and curl with a medium barrel curling iron. For tresses that don't hold a curl well spritz each strand before curling with a setting spray or hairspray. 10. Pin newly created curls to scalp with bobby pins to cool. Continue to curl all sections of hair around the entire head, including the bang area, making sure not to curl bang area too tightly. 11. After curls are completely cool, remove pins and arrange loose ringlets and waves with fingers. Gently pull bang strands to loosen and deconstruct into loose waves 12. Apply finishing products such as shine spray or serum and light mist of hairspray. 13. If you wish, go for max glamour by adding a gorgeous silk flower or jeweled headband or barrette to the finished style.

Highlighted Tresses And Long Layered Haircut

Jessica Simpson Human Hair HairDo Extensions 2007 - 2008

Maria's hairstyle is designed to show off her stunning face and gorgeous eyes. Even though she is a world famous tennis player she has been tagged to appear in a variety of ads and has a possible side career as a model. She definitely has the looks.

Maria appears to have carefully applied ribbons of highlights and lowlights intertwined throughout her natural buttery blonde hair and bangs which create a spectacular effect.

If you look closely you will also notice that Maria's style is based upon a layered haircut with shorter layers framing her face.

Steal This Prom Hair Style In An Instant

If you love this hairstyle and wish to re-create it in an instant but have hard to wave strands or hair that is much shorter, consider popping on one of Jessica Simpson's HairDo cap extensions which easily integrates with your existing hair to instantly create a glamorous Hollywood hairdo.

The Jessica Simpson HairDo styles are available in a wide range of colors in either Human Hair or synthetic with the entire collection available here at by calling 1-866-469-4247 or shopping online at the Marketplace 24 hours a day.

From red carpet events to magazine covers or a paparazzi filled trip to the supermarket, hair extensions - created by celebrity stylist Ken Paves, are the very same styles Jessica wears every day.

Whether your hair is naturally to your waist or just to your chin, with the many fabulous hair extension options available, it's possible for many to wear Maria's sexy style without spending months or years growing out your tresses.


Maria Sharapova is a world class tennis player who has the beauty and stature of a supermodel. She also has buttery blonde tresses which she wears mostly straight except for some special dressy events like the style she wore to GQ's Men of The Year Awards in 2004 and to World Premiere of Wimbledon, also in 2004.

The friendly outgoing celebrity told Ellen DeGeneres she is "young and happy". "I am in a happy stage." No wonder, Maria is only twenty years old and has the world at her feet. Expect to see a lot more of this beautiful tennis champion in the years to come.

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