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Magnetic Hair Therapy From Giovanni


Giovanni, the creator and manufacturer of professional hair care products for over 25 years, recently announced a new product line that many industry experts are calling “revolutionary.”

Magnetically Charged Haircare is an unprecedented new line of products that uses Magnetite (a naturally occurring mineral) to magnetically infuse the hair with proteins and conditioners. The line currently is comprised of Magnetic Energizing Shampoo and Magnetic Restructuring Conditioner with other products expected to be released shortly.

As Arthur Giovanni, founder of Giovanni Haircare explained, “As hair becomes dry and damaged, it gains a negative magnetic charge. We took advantage of this occurrence by using a natural mineral, magnetite. We’ve infused the magnetite with proteins and conditioners that have a positive magnetic charge.” The result is the revolutionary discovery that we call Micro-Magnets (patent pending). Micro-Magnets are naturally attracted to those sites on your hair that require conditioning.

How It Is Made

Giovanni’s Senior Chemist, Dr. John Weaver went on to explain: "Even the way we manufacture the product is different. We’ve invented a new type of mixing tank that is magnetically charged. When we mix the ingredients together in these Structuring Tanks the formulas become structured— that is, the ingredients take on a synergistic characteristic that improves performance by magnetically aligning all of the ingredients.”

How It Was Invented

For several years, Arthur and son James, have studied the various uses and beneficial effects of magnetic power. Then, about a year ago during an all night research session with friend and physicist, Dr. D. Raehmer, the entire concept began to gel. At about 3:30 a.m. the research team came across a powerful and proven mathematical theorem that would unlock the secret of magnetism and beautiful hair. It was a new discovery for hair! This well-known mathematical theorem (E=-B) became such an important part of the product formulation that it has been printed on every bottle.

Simply put, this theorem mathematically explains how the potential magnetic energy is released in a “magnetic moment” (). And for that moment your hair is immersed in a myriad of magnetic domains (magnetic fields). During this moment, the Micro-Magnets are attached to those sites on your hair that are negatively charged (damaged). The Micro-Magnets give a strand-by-strand, customized conditioning treatment. The cuticle layer is smoothed for maximum shine and the hair is left beautiful, manageable and rejuvenated.

“Essentially,” said James, “you are wearing Micro-Magnets in your hair that offer the benefits of superior, long-lasting conditioning plus the recognized benefits of magnetic therapy.”


Each Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care product has a specific Magnetic Density Level (MDL). The higher the number, the greater amount of Magnetite used. Therefore, a Level 10 has twice as much Magnetite as Level 5. The greater the level of Magnetite the greater conditioning properties the product possesses. Also, with increased Magnetite comes increased benefits from magnetic therapy for your hair and scalp. Giovanni is careful to use only the highest quality Magnetite available to ensure pure, sustained magnetic energy.

The Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care line is available at as well at other fine salons and hair care establishments around the world.

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