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Lori Shares Her Experience With Ouidad Products For Curly Hair


Lori is one of my favorite Hair Talk visitors. Lori has naturally curly hair and when she mentioned that she was interested in trying Ouidad's Sampler Set for curly hair, I asked Lori if she would do an impartial test of Ouidad's products and write up her findings for

Lori has done a great job of testing the various Ouidad sample products and has graciously provided us with her findings. I think you will enjoy Lori's report and gain some insight into the Ouidad product line.

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Note: Ouidad's Sampler Set includes: (1) 2 oz. Deep Treatment, (2) 1/2 oz. Clear Shampoo, (2) 1/2 oz.Balancing Rinse, (2) 1/2oz. Tress F/X, (1) 2/3 oz. Styling Mist, (1) 1/4 oz.Shine Hair Glaze, (1) 2/3 oz. Botanical Boost, (1) 1/3 oz. Clear Control Pomade, (1) Plastic Hair Cap. The normal price of the Ouidad Sampler Set is $25.00.



Lori Shares Her Experience With Ouidad Products For Curly Hair

I, like many naturally curly-haired people, have had a love-hate affair with my hair. The curls are great, but the frizz and general unruliness is not. From the age of 15 or so, I would have my hair straightened with such hair-loving products as lye and perm solution. It never failed - my curls (and frizz) would be back within weeks. I've tried just about everything out there from Salon Selectives to John Frieda's Frizz-Ease. Either my hair would be too dry and very fly-away or not frizzy, but weighed down and virtually straight (with a dirty feel).

That is until I found Ouidad on The Hair Boutique's Hair Talk, described as the curly-hair expert. (I had heard the name before, but did not know she was the "curly-haired expert".)

Armed with the phone number and a credit card, I called Ouidad. The man who answered was very helpful and told me my Sample Set should be there on Monday. It arrived on my doorstep the very next day!! Within 24 hours!! Needless to say, I was very impressed with that. I could hardly wait to try it.

I decided to wait till I had a day to myself to do this - Sunday, when my family was out boating.

The first step is to clarify the hair by washing it with Ouidad's Clear shampoo. Only a little bit was needed to do the job, but a repeat can be done if richer lather is desired. After this, I did Ouidad's Deep Treatment.

I must say the first time I tried this it did not go well. I saturated my hair as instructed, however, I had only used about one ounce instead of the approximate 2 ounces Ouidad recommends.

You also need to have a constant source of low heat applied to the hair. I did not have access to a hood dryer, which is probably the best and most uniform way to warm the hair. It was cloudy so I couldn't sit in the sun. The only thing I could think of was - a heating pad! I placed said device - set on high - on my head and covered it with a towel, hoping that would hold the heat in better. I planned to do this for an hour.

Fate had other plans. My electricity went off half-way through my treatment. So after waiting a little while I washed it out and let Ouidad go for a while because my hair did not look or feel any different.

Two weeks later I tried again, this time using my aunt's hood dryer and finishing up the deep treatment bottle. I had it on my hair for approximately 45 minutes before I got to the dryer and 20 minutes under the dryer.

Before rinsing it out, I put a little Ouidad Balancing rinse throughout my hair (for easier detangling). I then rinsed with lukewarm water. After towel-drying, I applied Tress f/x (an alcohol-free setting lotion) mixed with Clear Control pomade- which defines and molds the curl. I let my hair air dry. Once dry my hair was shiny, with defined curls and very little frizz. Usually my hair looks dry and dull, with limp curls. And sticking out in all directions!

I've been using the Ouidad shampoo and balancing rinse every day for the past week to check for the accumulative effect and, there, too, I am impressed. My hair is behaving so well, with REAL curls and shine and no frizz, I have to actually stare at it with wonder!!

I have noticed one thing, though. If I leave the rinse on for the recommended time of 2-3 minutes my hair isn't as soft and shiny as when I leave it on for 10 minutes. (In Ouidad's literature she says it could take three to six months, even up to a year to see a big difference, depending on hair's condition. Maybe that's why. (I have henna-treated hair and need a trim.)

I love the Tress F/X and the pomade. I've also used the Shine hair glaze which is a water-soluble formula that controls frizz and adds shine. All I need to do with that is add one or two drops to the little bit of Tress f/x and apply.

Ouidad recommends washing hair every other day so your scalp's natural oils lubricate hair. I, however, find this hard to do, especially because it's hot and humid and I exercise every day.

There are other products included in the sample set. One is the Botanical Boost, which contains botanical ingredients and sunscreens. I use this in the morning to detangle and refresh my hair. It makes my hair curly and fresh and not just-out-of-bed messy!

The other product is the styling mist. I've only used this once as a hair spray for a french braid. Even though it was windy and stormy that day, not a hair was out of place.

All-in-all, I was very impressed with Ouidad's line and service. I plan to re-order in the near future and continue to use the line. If anyone out there has curly, frizzy hair you're ready to give up on or shave off!), please visit Ouidad's website and try it yourself.

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