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Longest Hair In America Magazine

Hot New Magazine Specializes In Photos Of Long Hair

Many weeks ago I received email from Randy Barber, publisher and editor of the brand new publication, Longest Hair In America (LHA).

Randy is a major fan of long, to very long hair, on women. He sent me email to tell me about his new long hair publication.

Randy created the Longest Hair in America magazine to show his dedication to featuring waist-length and longer hair.

This is a work of love for Randy in more ways than one. Besides being a true fan of long hair, Randy is a fan of his girlfriend's long locks. Randy dedicated the first issue of the magazine to his girlfriend, Gina, who has have very long and beautiful hair.

Randy graciously sent The Hair Boutique a complimentary copy of the very first issue of the magazine, Volume 1, Number 1, which featured 22 pages of gorgeous women with waist-length and longer hair.

Unfortunately, just about the time that Randy and I were exchanging emails about his new long hair magazine, Jeff and I were up to our eyeballs getting ready to relaunch the Hair Boutique's brand new look.

I owe Randy an apology for taking way too long to get this review of his new magazine published on Hair Boutique. I hope I can make it up to him with this review.

A Magazine For All Lovers Of Long Hair

I think that Randy's new long hair magazine would appeal to anyone, male or female, young or old, who really loves long hair. I personally enjoyed looking through all the photos of the beautiful hair.

I also was fascinated by all the quotes from some of the models about how they felt about their long hair. I was happy to see at least one of the models point out that long hair is easier to care for than shorter hair that requires lots of styling time.

It is obvious that Randy and his photographer, Nick Caldarola, love long hair. All of the women were posed in beautiful and elegant poses that best displayed their veils of long locks.

The LHA magazine is very tastefully done and there is no nudity or any other objectionable content that would be considered inappropriate in any way.

It is very hard to adequately describe all the beautiful hair that was included in this magazine. I can tell you that without a doubt this first issue features gorgeous waist-length and longer hair.

Although it was the very first issue, I have to tell you that the models that were included in this edition had stunning hair.Luckily Randy kindly gave me permission to include a few samples of the 56 great photos that are included in this publication.

Discovery of Another Long Hair Specialist

Two women with gorgeous, extremely long dark hair, are featured on page 2 (pictured to the right) and page 3 of the Longest Hair Magazine.

I read with interest that both women are listed as being current hair clients of Sabbas Beauty Care.

Sabbas, according to the LHA, specializes in long hair care. If the women on these two pages are any indication of his abilities, he is a long hair star.

I get so many emails from Hair Boutique visitors asking me for referrals to long hair specialists that it is nice to discover another long hair specialist that can be added to my growing list.

An Interview With Long Hair Stylist Martin Parsons

The first issue also included an interview with long hair master stylist Martin Parsons. The Longest Hair in America staff attended Martin's seminar at the Midwest Beauty Show in March of 1998 and were lucky to land an interview with him.

Parsons is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Martin has worked on lots of long hair and in his interview he mentions that the longest hair that he has worked on was calf length. Through his interview with LHA Martin shares his thoughts about brushes, hair rollers and perm/body waves for long hair.

Lots of Promise For LHA

The LHA magazine shows lots of great potential The only slightly disappointing drawback that I need to mention about the magazine is that all the photos are black and white except for the front cover which is in color.

I can certainly understand the high costs involving in producing a magazine with full color photos.

Randy would not be able to offer the magazine for such a reasonable cost if he had the overhead of color photos.

It is my opinion that as the magazine grows and matures that more color photos will be included in future issues.

I know that Randy want LHA to continue to grow and offer even better photos and articles.

For now I can tell you that all of the 56 different photos are very good and do a great job of showing off the beautiful long hair that is in such great abundance throughout the magazine.

Although the majority of the hair is waist length. There are some models with knee length hair.

One thing that I noticed was how healthy all of the hair appears. This is one habit that I have developed from the three years of working with Hair Boutique. I always closely observe everyone's hair. The women in the Longest Hair In America had well cared for hair.

Getting To Know Randy

Randy is a fascinating entrepreneur (a Libra) who works many hours each day doing lots of different jobs.

Randy not only produces the Longest Hair in America Magazine but he also has developed a line of products for musicians (Ran Man Products).

Randy is also a very talented musician and currently performs in the Voodoo Stew blues band which plays in the Chicago area.

Randy sent me some URLs with photos of the Stew band. I have included a photo of Randy. Although it is hard to see, Randy favors long hair himself.

Ordering LHA Magazine

The Longest Hair In America magazine is published by Ran Man Products. The price per issue is a very reasonable $5.00 plus $1.00 for postage.

If you have any questions about the magazine you can email Randy Barber. I know that he will be happy to provide any answers that he can.

You can also phone Randy at 847-289-HAIR. The LHA fax line is 630-830-7699.

You can send snail mail to Randy and LHA at:

Longest Hair In America % Ran Man Products 956 S. Bartlett Road PMB 260 Bartlett, IL 60103-6522

Don't forget to tell Randy that you read about him at the Hair Boutique.

The Hair Boutique wishes Randy the very best of luck with his new venture.

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