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Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair


Kim Kardashian 2008 GQ 'Men of the Year' Party 11-18-2008 All Rights Reserved.

Kim Kardashian definitely does not fall under the category of "dumb blonde" even though she recently took the platinum plunge, transitioning from her trademark raven black tresses to lighter brighter honey blonde.

Kim's definitely a smart cookie having built a very successful name brand which she has used to launch her career, fragrance and fashion lines. She also has worked in unison with her mom and sisters to develop the original Dash Boutique in Calabasa, Calfornia (outside of LA) and appears on Reality TV's Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Besides showing her brains for business and promotion, Kim went blonde in a very practical way. Although it may have seemed sudden to her fans, Kim actually "tried" out being blonde before she took the permanent plunge.

Several weeks before she hit the blonde bottle Kim had a beautiful custom blonde wig created for her by famed Hollywood Mane Man Ken Paves (Jessica & Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Lady GaGa, Megan Fox, Christina Applegate).

Kim looked absolutely stunning in her blonde wig and liked the new look enough to take the necessary steps towards a more permanent blonde hairstyle.

Luscious Long Hair

Kim is fearless and likes to keep her appearance fresh and edgy. Her approach to her fashion style, make-up and body have always been renegade. Why not with her hair? If you look back at Kim's hairstyles over the years since she first hit the media you will the Reality Star and fashion trendsetter has always tried different approaches with her luscious long locks.

Kim's has worn her hair up, down, straight, curled and au natural. Going blonde wasn't a huge stretch for her because she did her homework, talked to the hair pros on her speed dial and selected a shade of blonde most compatible with her own eye and skin tones.

Everyone agrees, Kim looks amazing with her new blonde tresses and she has launched new legions of fans who have been searching for Kim on Google to check out her beautiful blonde hair which she originally unveiled on Twitter.

Hair Texture, Face Shape & Hair Styling Options

Kim Kardashian TEEN CHOICE 2009 8-10-09

Ray Mickshaw/FOX Fox © 2009 FOX BROADCASTING

For her new blonde appearance Kim switched her color pallette for her make-up and clothing.

She appeared at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards in a white hot Stella McCartney above-the-knee fitted waist whittling V shaped bodice draped down. Not only did the stark white gown show off Kim's beautiful bronzed skin, it worked with her much lighter foundation and eye make-up.

Face Shape

Hollywood hairdresser Ken Paves has taught me over the years to disregard traditional rules on face shapes. This is the case with Kim who has a perfect face from all angles.

She flatters her spectacular (and perfect for her) face with a slightly off-center part which separates the two face framing panels of newly blonded tresses which cascade down towards her tiny waist.

Hair Texture & Styling Options

Kim's draping strands appear slightly layered from the chin down to just below her shoulders which indicates either she has been growing out a past fringe or because the soft layers perfectly frame her beautiful face.

Kim appears to have medium to thick tresses with some natural bend, maybe even some natural waves although she seems to prefer her hair straight most of the time.

Although Kim has been adored in the face for her luscious booty her latest hair hue has grabbed all the headlines and elevated her to super goddess status.

Copperesque Base Plus Cookies N Cream Highlights and Ashy Lowlights

When most hair consumers look at Kim they might not know her new blonde haircolor is a carefully crafted combination of multiple hues ranging from a right light milk chocolate, coppery tinged base with hand painted cookies n cream highlights and ashy blonde accent blonde pieces.

She also appears to have lowlights interwoven with the milk chocolate base. Is that the hint of copper?

Steal Kim Kardashian's Lush Blonde Hairstyle - Tips & Steps

Shawn Johnson & Kim Kardashian present Jonas Brothers awards during TEEN CHOICE 2009 at Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City, CA. 8-10-09

Ray Mickshaw/FOX Fox © 2009 FOX BROADCASTING

Before you go blonde like Kim you may want to try on the hue before you go permanent. Kim popped on a blonde wig to see how it worked with her skin, eye tone and wardrobe.

Her lush wig was a big hit which motivated the fashion icon to head back to her Hollywood haircolorist to take her to her current permanent blonde.

If you want to transform your current haircolor from drab to fab please follow the steps below:

1. Don't try this at home. Because Kim's hair was naturally ebony black it meant she probably invested quite a bit of time with her Hollywood Haircolorist to achieve the perfect blonding hues which matched her eye and skin tone.

This is a key factor in going from drab to fab instead of drab to disastrous.

Can you achieve this type of major color transformation at home? Maybe but I would personally never try it or recommend it without a professional guiding my every step.

2. Ponder your hair color change carefully. While its easy to pop on a wig or even clip-in extensions, going blonde on a permanent or semi-perm basis is not easily changeable.

Both Britney Spears and Linds Lohan learned the hard way that going blonde can take upwards of 10-14 hours in the salon. Think I'm kidding? Not so.

Britney Spears TEEN CHOICE Award 2009 at Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City, CA. 8-10-09

Ray Mickshaw/FOX Fox © 2009 FOX BROADCASTING

3. Find the very best haircolorist you can find. While some hairdressers will claim to be color pros, it is rare to find a garden variety hairdresser who also specializes in color.

Make sure you find someone with a stellar track record for transforming a blonde beauty like Kim.

4. Blonde doesn't work for every person. No matter what you've heard, blonde doesn't look beautiful on everyone. Which means while you might admire Kim's blonde hues, it might not work for your skin and eye tones.

Be prepared to hear that you are more compatible with different blonde tones than Kim has chosen.

5. Listen to your professional haircolorist. If your hair is damaged from prior chemical or other abuse your hair colorist, no matter how skilled may advise you not to go to a drastic blonde change. Please listen and carefully evaluate your options because in the end your hairdresser does know best.

6. Take special care of your new blonde to extend its life. Going blonde is expensive and time consuming. Keep it look spectacular with the proper care steps. Shampoo less rather than more often and use a a color safe formula like the Phyto Colored Hair System, to preserve any blonde highlights or lowlight hues or Rene Furterer Okara Repairing Shampoo.

Renee Furterer Color Treated Hair System consisting of Okara Protective Radiance Shampoo, Restructuring and Protective Radiance Mask, Okara 2 Phases No Rinse Conditioner is a proud distributor of all the Rene Furterer Hair Care producst

Images from Marketplace All Rights Reserved

7. Apply a rinse out conditioner that works for your hair's normal texture, type and condition. Consider trying a color co-ordinated mask such as Okara Restructuring and Protective Radiance Mask to intensify your existing color. Avoid using the conditioner on super fine hair or near the roots.

Note: Britney Spear's hair expert Rob Talty has reported to the media he uses Rene Furterer products on Britney's blonde tresses to keep them look stellar.

Remember that colored hair may be more fragile and prone to varying degrees of dryness and damage. Minimize use of hot styling tools such as irons and blowdryers whenever possible.

8. Always apply a small drop of shine serum and lightly brush over the top of the finished style for a fabulous healthy looking shimmer.

If you prefer, use a shine spray product and spray into the palms of your hands and then glide over finished style. If desired, finish the look with a long lasting hairspray for a silky shine effect.


Once you go blonde like Kim remember to change your make-up and fashion palettes to work with your new haircolor. Even your hair accessories need to be thought through to make sure they complement rather than clash with your beautiful new hue.

One final thought. Once you're blonde enjoy it and play it up to the hilt. As a life long blonde I can honestly promise that blondes do have more fun.

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