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Katherine Heigl Channels Marilyn Monroe's Hair


When blonde and beautiful actress Katherine Heigl stepped up to the podium at the recent 80th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre I was taken back by how much she reminded me of a modern version of the beloved Marilyn Monroe - aka - Normal Jean Baker.

Yes, I know, Lindsay Lohan has claimed the current rights to Marilyn clone as per her recent appearance channeling the blonde bombshell for New York magazine. Reportedly Playboy founder Hugh Hefner offered the actress the chance to pose nude in his magazine as Marilyn.

I personally don't agree that Linds has a lock on Marilyn but I really think if you stop and look at Katherine, she definitely is a gorgeous version of Marilyn.

Digging through some old black and white photos I found one of the celebrated Marilyn in her famous role of How To Marry A Millionaire.

In a photo from The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts the famous Marilyn Monroe was wearing a long form fitting red dress with one strap over one shoulder.

Her platinum blonde hair was worn chin length with a soft wave cascading down from the sides along her face and around the back.

Note: To see a color photo of Marilyn in her red gown visit IMDB. Or visit her gallery of photos on the official Marilyn Monroe website.

Yes, of course, so many actresses have channelled the legendary blonde over the years but Katherine Heigl seems to possess the classiness and magnetic quality that Marilyn oozed.

Part of Marilyn's charm was her ability to project an innocence underneath all the beauty and sexuality. Her fans loved her because of her ability to seem approachable and real.

Katherine Heigl has that same quality. At the Oscars when she started to present she admitted in a charming way that she was extremely nervous.

You could tell she was genuinely fighting a serious case of stage fright. Yet she looked spectacularly gorgeous.

Who wouldn't have felt empathy for the blonde star struggling with presenting in front of literally millions of people around the world?

More About Marilyn and Katherine

Like Marilyn, who literally stole the show from Lauren Backall and Betty Grable in "How To Marry A Millionaire", Katherine steals Gray's Anatomy from her female co-stars.

The newlywed has that sizzling movie star quality that makes her shine.

Also like Marilyn she can handle comedy with grace and ease as she did in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. The camera loves her almost as much as her fans.

Steal Marilyn Monroe & Katherine Heigl's Hairstyles: Step By Step Instructions

Throughout her career Marilyn often wore her hair in a sleek sassy style with lots of texture (loose waves and curls) along the perimeter similar to the hairstyle Katherine adopted for the 2008 Academy Awards appearance.

Marilyn also favored red gowns over the years and she looked striking with her blonde hair contrasting the red hues.

Follow the steps below to re-create Marilyn and Katherine's hairstyles shown in this article.

1. Shampoo your hair with a product designed to address your hair's type, texture and current condition. Only one sudsing is necessary. Be sure to rinse really well. If tresses are fine or thin, consider using a volumizing product to pump up fullness. Or you may wish to use a volume enhancing root lift in combo with a volumizing shampoo.

2. Towel dry and then apply a leave-in hair conditioner that will also protect your hair against blow drying and to give hair some weight and manageability unless your hair is fine or thin or flattens easily. If this is the case, use a volumizing mousse product.

3. Use a hair pick or wide toothed comb to carefully detangle your hair. Always remember to start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Take your time so you don't snag or break your hair.

4. Use a medium to large round boar's bristle brush to create fullness and movement from the crown area through the length to the ends. Blow dry hair in sections using the round brush in conjunction with the dryer. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly you may want to consider using a long finger diffuser attachment for the blow dryer. Instead of using the round brush, use the diffuser and allow tresses to nestle into the cut of the diffuser while drying. Right before blow drying, apply a good volumizing root lift or similar product at the roots of the hair to add volume if you want a fuller look at the roots.

5. When hair is completely dry, use a boar's bristle paddle or flat styling brush to arrange. Create a deep side part like Marilyn and Katherine wore, directing a section of hair up and over to one side, helping to form the full side-swept section along the hairline.

6. Separate hair into individual 2" sections. Starting along the root area, set hair on large hot rollers. Work around the entire head setting rollers in a bricklay pattern to create even curls and waves.

7. When rollers are completely cool, remove each roller and then roll the new curl around fingers and pin in a loose curl against the scalp. Repeat this will all curls. Spray with hairspray. Allow hairspray to dry.

8. Right before leaving the house unpin curls and use a brush to deconstruct the top section of the hair to achieve fullness throughout the crown and the sides. Use fingers to arrange and tousle curls and waves along the ends. Use a small barrel curling iron to touch up any loose or droopy curls. Spray well with hairspray.

7. For extra shimmer, apply a few drops of shine serum or spray into the palms of your hands. Massage them together to distribute the product and then brush lightly over the top of your hair. Remember that when it comes to shine, a little goes a very long way.

8. Finish with a spritz of hairspray if desired.

Add a gorgeous hair accessory such as a headband and/or flower if desired.

Optionally you may take a shortcut by pinning hair up and adding a Jessica Simpson Hairdo which can instantly transform long hair into a medium length bob or curly do.

The clip-in extensions are available in a wide range of colors, textures, lengths in either synthetic or human hair.

For a more tousled look, when blow drying the style, bend over at the waist and use fingers to lift and direct air flow to the roots. This will add volume and will give a messier look.

If desired use a curling iron to add slight fullness and movement to front fringe and along the perimeter.


While many stars strive to channel the late great Marilyn Monroe, its uncanny how much Katherine Heigl resembles the beloved blonde star. Like Marilyn, Katherine seems genuine and sweet like Marilyn while looking incredibly gorgeous.

Whether it was her goal to copy Marilyn at the recent 80th Emmy Awards or not, she managed to pull it off in a spectacular manner. But don't take my word for it, check out Katherine for yourself.

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